Well how about that, just like the original Galaxy S, Samsung is pushing the Galaxy S II out to every major carrier in Australia starting with Optus and sub-carriers to follow. Vodafone has made no mention of the Galaxy S II thus far, however at the Samsung media event taking place now, they mentioned that it is going to all carriers between June and July, with Vodafone obviously being one of the “all carriers”. Samsung also said that Vodafone and Telstra will be releasing their pricing to the public closer to their own launch dates. The quicker more Australian’s can get their hands on the Galaxy S II, the better!

Source: ABC Tech.
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Pre-ordered my galaxy S II from optus. They sent me a confirmation e-mail today. Will be receiving it Wednesday. So freaking stoked!


urrgh! ive been waiting so long!, why do we get the shitty nexus s exclusive not the galaxy!!!….. freekin optus


I havent seen any internal docs that say anything about the SGS2 on Voda, apart from being informed by my bosses that it’ll be July (something to do with network upgrades en masse i’d suspect – and possibly the exclusivity of Vodafone India having the handset early)

If i see something i’ll be sure to post, but all the information I’ve seen is what you guys seen now 🙂


This isn’t what I would call surprising considering the carriers that the Samsung Galaxy was on. That being said, I think it will be interesting to see how competitive the pricing becomes. 

Australia still has a somewhat astronomical proportion of iPhone users (last I saw around 70% of the smartphone market was composed of iPhones) and the carriers will be happy with that so I don’t see any company trying to break the bank; yet I’d love to see the carriers treat this phone seriously in the pricing department. 

Julian Pinget

AWESOME, being the uni student that i am, i have been waiting since my contract ended in november for this phone to come to voda (i’d ratehr have a few dropped calls here and there than go to say telstra and go hungry :P)

finally getting rid of my cm7 gt540, many more hacking projects/potential to come from this! 


so from where does the july date come from? vodafone or samsung? or are we basing this on samsung saying between june-july?

Buzz Moody

Well we’ve heard that it was pushed back to July, so when Samsung said June-July it just made sense. That’s not to say launch dates will not change, they’re moved around quite a lot.

The Galaxy S was kept on Optus an extra month as an exclusive due to lack of stock. So who knows what will happen here. Just need confirmation from Vodafone.


thanks buzz were u or one of the others at the launch event? i dont understand y vodafone is being so quiet about the launch. vodafone launch of the 10.1v was a big failure. im suspecting it may be the same with the sgs2 


How was it a big failure? The 10.1v has the backlight bleeding issue, but they sold them all in 3 weeks. (according to vodafone internal info). However the ipad also suffers from the same manufacturing flaw. The SGS sold more than 12 million units – for a single handset that NOONE expected; came from left field and sold like crazy. That says to me that the handset and tablet were both a monumental success, given samsung previously hasnt put that much effort into the phone market. Samsung itself has done a total 180 when it comes to software updates, they’ve gone from… Read more »

Julian Pinget

@c5ef392d1443e0c19a4e65f84cab9063:disqus  i think he may have been referring to the pre-launch marketing/build-up being a failure

if so, i agree, these phones are so underrated – everytime i rave on about such a device (which is probably too often for my friends’ ears) most haven’t heard about them like they have the iphone, but become very interested, very quickly


@apollofury i was talking about the delays and pre launch. The launch wasnt a fail. the way the launch was handled was a fail. i dont thin that the light bleed is such a big issue. I have a 10.1v myself. I just thought that voda could have been more organised. look at telstra. say they are launching the xoom on the 24 and stuck to that date.


The delays are limited so far, which has been good. Problems occurred during the SGS launch, because SAMOLED is so difficult and expensive to make they struggled with demand. I do agree tho i expected alot better from the VHA marketing team – I mean really – they’re a testament to amazing ability given they can market a network thats struggling and still keep almost all customers. That said, I’ll handedly agree that they’ve got a problem with release dates >< I didnt think they handled the launch ALLLL that well – I expected a lot longer delay on the… Read more »