It’s official, it hasn’t been that long and Optus pretty much beat them to the punch, but Telstra have finally announced they’ll be stocking the most anticipated Android handset of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S II. The 4.3″ handset will launch on Telstra in July, bringing with it theoretically blistering HSPA+ speeds on Australia’s fastest network. The biggest question on everyone’s lips however is of course price, and at this stage both Samsung and Telstra are being cagey about it. Look out for updates on price and availability closer to release, in the meantime you can read our Galaxy S II review. Let’s just hope they don’t try to cash in on the most sought after Android handset so far. Finger crossed.

Source: Telstra Exchange.
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it seems that vodafone i selling the i9100T version, which i believe is telstra. I could see telstra market it as a next g device where it is the exact same model as vodafone.

Justin Hong Au

I have heard from Telstra Cloc Samsung Galxy S ii is launching 27 July 2011

Unhappy Camper

Have been informed by Telstra and Allmobiles that Telstra handset released will be the only handsets capable of utilising their Next G networks, or it full capacity, sounds like they are modding the phone to provide some recognition software, is this possible, would have thought paying for a sim to access their network eg Next G would be sufficient, though I was dissuaded from buying the Allmobile phone because I live in a solely Next G area, am stupefied that this big brother approach re access to a public funded network could prevail, shame Telstra if it is the case… Read more »


I have a mobicity imported sgs2 on telstra- works very well on nextg up here.Settings for mms/email/internet etc are obtainable now via telstra mobile website.


The reason you possibly got told this is because the Telstra Variant of a handset requires a 3G 850mHz frequency to operate on the Next G network. Most handset from all other carriers don’t have this capabilities while others do. Thus the reason a lot Telstra handsets come out later as the only other main country that uses the 3G 850mHz variant is USA. 

From below

Brought one and it works superbly, just love it, canada has 850 mhz also


I don’t know what Telstra is selling this for but i did see Harvey Norman Launceston had a sell price of 703.95 for the Samsung GS2 when i asked today if they were getting any stock. No idea if was contract free but or just a cover price but at that price I am keen. Cheers Darren 


Me too…….. VERY KEEN. Though I dont see it happening.


i work at harveys. it’ll only be available on optus contract.


Cue Virgin entering in and stomping on Optus’ price point as per usual 🙂


Hmmm, depending on whether the HTC Sensation is available on Telstra will determine which phone I will be getting to replace an aging iPhone 3gs


So pissed off with this. Have been ready to purchase a new handset on MRO from Telstra for a few month already. Was bitterly let down with the massive wait on the Desire S, so decided to wait for the SGSII, now they anounce they are 2 months behind Optus. So you can be on the best network on Australia, but forget about having the latest and greatest handset.


Preordered mine from opt’arse days ago. Would of preferred telstra but dont think they can beat the optus plan.

Morgan 'Zaitt' Archer

Cue the Bloatware 😀


Sad, but true. There it is, lying in wait on the picture above.


is vodafone sleeping?


So, where’s the pre-order page Telstra?


winner winner chicken dinner  😀

@Phroghollow will be happy  lol


Good to see it being picked up by Telstra, but afraid of the price.

Luckily the phone is quad band so you can just buy it outright from wherever, throw in a Telstra sim and enjoy the best network in Australia.


telstra will prob offer $99 plan with $30 handset fees.. lol

Julian Pinget

or on a $129 cap with $29.99 handset replayments


This is what i’m worried about. I’m willing to hold off my purchase until their prices are revealed, but more than likely i’ll be buying outright and getting a NextG sim.