I get asked regularly why I use Android over other devices which clearly means, I have an iPhone and you’re a fool for not having one, obviously I disagree!

I have used (and work with) Apple devices so you won’t get any argument from me that the OS is cleaner and is a much more polished interface as an out of the box experience.  But in my opinion, that’s not what it’s all about.  I’m a big one for freedom and I don’t really like being told how to use my toys, regardless of what they are.  With phones I like being able to customize the user interface, replacing core software components of the phone with new ones to try like keyboard and messaging applications.

What I truly love about Android is that I can choose how to make my phone look, feel and perform in the day to day functions that I use.
Currently I’m using

as replacements for the SMS, Contacts and Keyboards that come stock on my Nexus S, none of which require root access to your phone as they’re easily accessed in the Android Market.

I’ve had people argue that there’s more apps on iOS, that the iOS market is better for devs (irrelevant to why I use the device) and resale value being higher on iPhones which are all great arguments, somewhat a waste of oxygen since

  • I’m yet to find an app on iOS that there’s not an Android equivalent for paid or not.
  • How developers are treated is not a reason to use, or not use a platform unless you are a developer!
  • Resale of the device doesn’t concern me since I tend to use a phone for 18 months then do the old “hand me down” to my wife

When I pose the question of customization like keyboards, messaging apps and contact management, the response is inevitably along the lines of “you get used to it”, “It’s already perfect” or “that’s what you get”.  In my book that’s an admission “either I can’t or I don’t know how to customize my phone”.

At the end of the day, the open envrionment  giving me the choice of what my optimal user experience is, is why I use and will continue to use Android over other devices and a large part of the reason why

I love my Android!

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Another facet of Android’s customization capability is that on a rooted Android phone you can uninstall stock pre-installed apps.
Can you do that on an iPhone?

Lucas Burnett

Yep you can….with a hammer πŸ˜› gets rid of all pre-installed apps and functionality…hahahah


Just realized I ought to post where I found the howto and the app listed in the howto.

Instructions – Addictive Tips – How To Remove / Uninstall Android System Apps

App – Android Market – Super Manager

Mike Tran

Jailbreak it and its the same, but really theres not much pre-installed on a iphone that you want to uninstall anyways as Apple are quite strict as to what a telco can do to the phones.


“resale value being higher on iPhones” Β 
is it though? What with the initial cost being higher in the first place. hhmm.

Slim dusty.

I what? Why bother!.

What I like about my iphone is how it runs so easily with other devices. I can blu tooth with android and other os. I can load music ringtones from my computer. I can load plenty of pictures videos music onto my sd card. Its amazing. My widgets are awesome, swype text is so unreal. I love my iphone so much.

Mike Tran

Are you being stupid? huh? sarcasm doesn’t work very well on the internets you know


Android help me fully to integrate my microsoft apps (latest exchange email & OCS Lync, ect) I cant find any like that..
Damn good.. 90% score


Totally agree. I can’t stand the people who want to argue about which operating system is ‘better’.. Neither is necessarily better, android will suit some people and iOS will suit others. I absolutely love android and couldn’t see myself using a system where options are removed and your choices are made for you, but some people need that structure and the ‘guaranteed experience’ that iOS provides. What other operating system allows you to choose to download and flash any number of optimised, bloatware-free roms with overclocked & undervolted kernels, disregarding the risk that you may ‘brick’ your expensive beloved device… Read more Β»




love it, bring on more of these articles. i recently had an argument with someone waiting for the iphone 5. the conversation went something like this:

me: why wait, there are better phones available NOW
them: but the iphone is better
me: explain how
them: it just is



The iPhone is clearly better because it has the wifis and has the bigger geebees.


Can you install the interwebs on the Android?

Phil Tann

That explains the attitude of the true iFans
It’s just better, because it’s better!

I love their advertising…
If you don’t have an iphone you don’t have an iphone

Kinda like saying if you don’t have herpes, you don’t have herpes.
Not necessarily a bad thing if you ask me? Β πŸ˜€