It’s been announced that the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Development team will be releasing an app for Android and iOS to allow gamers to modify their loadout whilst away from their PC or console so they’re ready to fight when they first boot up for a session.

The race between Battlefield 3 and MW3 has been hot! Game play previews, customisation of weapons, rumours and information leaks galore, but this is awesome.

Most hardcore gamers enjoy customising their weapons loadout to suit their style of play, often spending precious hours of what would be gameplay on these fine tweaks. Once MW3 and the app are released, they can do it while they’re at work (NB Ausdroid Pty Ltd does not condone this behavior and will not be held responsible if you’re caught by your employer engaging in such behavior), on the bus, the train or otherwise unoccupied but unable to get to their console or PC.

“Free” players will not receive as many options in this app as players who have the Call of Duty XP account (a premium service at an annual cost) but will still be able to achieve most functions within the app.

It seems that Infinity Ward – the developers of MW3 – have taken the lead of a number of other online services in recognising that smart phones are a primary communication and productivity device for most users these days and are offering the opportunity to keep your gaming head on all day too. It’s one I’ll be installing when MW3 hits my PC that’s for sure.

Source: Gamepro.
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    Phil Tann

    If I had to get one over the other, I’d get battlefield…

    But since I have the connections to get them both very cheap, I’ll get both! 


    Keep your insults to yourself.
    On a side note which is going to be the one worth getting if you had to pick one?

    Battlefield is really realistic right? not sure if i dig that! lol

    Dylan Waghorne

    counter strike


    Console kiddies?

    I’m 21 and will be purchasing this game. Many adults are into CoD.

    Dylan Waghorne

    i guess its pretty good for the console kiddies, but i wouldnt take this franchise seriously since after activision started milking it after cod4