Update: It turns out the devices won’t be *receiving* Ice Cream Sandwich after 6 weeks. Motorola will instead test which devices can run ICS then inform customers which devices will receive the update. And for a second there we thought Motorola were going to be uber Awesome.

Good news for current and future Motorola XOOM and RAZR owners, as your devices will be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich in around 6 weeks after Google push out the open source code for Ice Cream Sandwich. The quote from their Software Updates page states:

We are planning to upgrade DROID RAZR, Motorola RAZR, Motorola XOOM and DROID BIONIC by Motorola to Ice Cream Sandwich. We will provide more precise guidance on timing after post-public push of Ice Cream Sandwich by Google, as well as any possible additions to this list of devices.

The 6 week time frame came from a Tweet on the official Motorola Twitter account. They also stated that other devices will receive the Ice Cream Sandwich update, but will be announced after the code push — obviously to test which devices can handle Android 4.0.

So the Motorola XOOM is the first Android tablet in Australia to be confirmed as getting the Ice Cream Sandwich update. Awesome!

Source: Motorola.
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I am about to purchase a Xoom.  Hardly Normal are giving them away at $378.  However, they are still with Honeycomb.  Does anyone here have any murmuring about ICS for the Xoom ?  Motorola Tech Support was not helpful at all.  They basically don’t want to confirm nor do they want to deny ICS for Xoom.  ICS will be the deal breaker for me.  Can someone please provide some information ?

USB 3G Viettel

It is good imformation to know more. Thanks for share!

Transformer user

Just a question but didnt asus confirm the transformer as an ics device in the near future? Not fully sure on if it was confirmed but if so would xoom be the second?

Transformer User
Adam Fullbrook

As excited as I am to get my hands on ICS I can’t help but find the wallpaper very off putting.

Brendan Barton

Thats all well and good but going by Motorola Australia’s habits of releasing updates it could be 5 months before we see it on an Australian Xoom


Yeah, ICS will not be available for the razr within 6 Weeks. A timeline for ICS will be out within 6 weeks.

It will probably be announced for Q2 2012 and then actually be released, full of bugs, closer to Q4. /END CYNICISM

Buzz Moody

That’s my kinda positive thinking!


Thought I’d seen this clarified somewhere (can’t remember where…) that they would be releasing their update timetable ~6 weeks after the code dropped, not the actual releases?

Buzz Moody

Oh cool, thanks for the clarification.


Well how much did Google pay for Motorola? Big? Is will it be Vanilla in flavour?