So we brought the exclusive story to you only a few days ago about Motorola releasing its first device with their new unlockable/re-lockable bootloader solution.

Motorola has now officially confirmed it on their blog along with links to pages with information on where to get software images and how to re-lock the bootloader. From my discussions with Motorola, this page will also become the go to page to find out which versions of their devices will be unlocked.

So all in all, it looks like Motorola is heading in the right direction.

Closing thoughts…

So there are still a few more points I’m seeking to clarify with Motorola but I can consider this a great outcome from the initial campaign I started before joining Ausdroid (Groubal petition) and am confident winding down my activities knowing I did everything I could to promote openness in the Android community.

Source: The Official Motorola Blog.
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Great work, Irwin! No doubt that you’ll help Motorola become a popular phone and help with it’s sales. The Ausdroid community and Motorola will have you to thank.


I will reserve judgement until I see an unlocked bootloader for a phone (that wasn’t a leak). I have a moto phone running CM7 through 2nd init and I believe that they will never unlock it because they have never given a straight answer. As for upgrades, they are missing upgrades that they have promised on their page. The moto hardware is great, if only you could put good software on it.

Peter Cupitt

Kudos Irwin.  Many thanks from the Android Community (on behalf of all of us).