As a long time fan of the Tintin comics, I am super keen for the movie release that is coming on the 26th of December. I was even really excited when I found out that Gameloft would be releasing an Android game to tie-in with the movie release. I did get a little excited the other day when I saw tweets announcing that it was available to download from the Android market, however, this was not the case, it`s only available in markets where the movie is either showing or about to launch.

I spoke to Gameloft Australia to find out when I could get my hands on this game, they have advised that it will be available on the 15th of December in the Android Market for $7.49 or from the Gameloft website for $6.60. I still like to purchase all the apps I can from the Android market so personally I`ll be paying the premium and grabbing it from the Android Market.

To keep you hyped up for the game release here is the game trailer, it looks awesome! :

Source: Gameloft.
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    Mike Tran

    The game is 1.5gb’s installed making it with Spectral Souls the biggest games for Android as of now.


    It’s the excitement you guys show for stuff like this that shows you geeks have nothing more meaningful in your lives. (Unless you are actually 7 years old of course).


    Congratulations, you have nothing more meaningful to do than make irrelevant comments and be a high school bully. Were you the big slow kid?

    Daniel Tyson

    I work hard so I can play at what ever I enjoy. Thanks for the comment anyway.


    Fair enough.


    Brilliant! I’ve been a Tintin fan since eternity. Can’t wait for the movie to come out finally here. 

    Looks like a good game. I’ll easily pay a dollar premium to get it from the Android Market. 


    Looks pretty good! Although I doubt it will run on my Desire Z as it looks pretty graphic intensive,


    Yep, most likely this will be aimed at the new dual core
    phones and tablets.