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Reddit has supplied the list of apps early again for the 2nd last day of the 10 cent sale, at least it appears there is only 1 repeated app today, so go get ’em :

Repeated App today :

One more day to go, I`m personally hoping to see PowerAmp in there but i’m happy to get anything, i’ve never purchased many games before so i’m pretty well set for a while now. I’ll be keeping an eye out overnight and if there are any further updates i’ll add them in and also a link to the Australian Market place when it appears.
Edit :
And this one makes 11 apps in total for today :

Source: RedditAndroid Market.
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    Matt Smith

    Shame there’s so many games on sale – would be nice to see a few more apps…

    Daniel Tyson

    Love to see som more apps, but not sure what else i`m missing, i`ve bought every app i`m interested in, well except PowerAmp and i`ll buy that on Saturday if it`s not included in the last days sale