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The guys over at Android and Me have stumbled across information suggestion that Google will be launching a competitor to Siri in the very near future. The project is codenamed ‘Majel‘ and is said to be as good, if not better, than Siri on the iPhone 4S. I’m not going to cover all of the information Android and Me has because I think it’s worth your time to go through and check it out for yourself. But to sum it all up, Google have been working on voice recognition for a long time and have created a very powerful tool for Android. It is said to return results from not only Google Search but also other related sources such as Weather, Location, and Wikipedia.

Source: Android and Me (1)Android and Me (2).
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Michael F.

I think they’re going to release it next month on the 23rd. That’s the day Majel Roddenberry was born. But, honestly, I don’t think it’s going to come out any time soon. Can’t wait, though!

Shaun Anthony Dickenson

It says google has been working on this for a long time… so what’s not to say that apple had heard wind of “Majel” and quickly created siri and claimed the software as their own.  It wouldn’t be the first time.


that’s exactly what happened apple was told android was going to update their voice actions system into a a.i. computer database so they bought siri


Why copy a pointless gimmick – if you want to use voice-commands use voice-commands – they’ve been in gingerbread long enough.  Why does it need a name when you combine voice input with Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” and TTS?


Copy cats from the I fail group, but we’ve had voice on these phones years and nokia before android just don’t tell apple kids they will cry.

Tin Tran

awww don’t do it, we don’t need it. all the apple fanbois will call us copycats