Rejoice, Galaxy S II owners, for we aren’t being left behind by ‘the man’. Samsung are working on an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the Galaxy S II and it just happened to leak out onto this thing called the Internet. This ROM is very early with a build date of December 7th and it has still got the old version of TouchWiz slapped on top which makes me want to cry. You’ll notice the on-screen buttons have been removed which squashes all the rumours of the on-screen buttons replacing the ‘physical’ ones (who the hell started that stupid rumour anyway?). If you’re game, you can download the ROM at the source link. All the basics (calls, texts, internetz) work, however, it has been said to reboot on occasion.

Source: SamMobile.
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LOL way to kill the awesome ICS Samsung. Bravo……




Touchwiz sucks… I love my SGS II but Touchwiz blows man…

Justin Harvey

the only things i miss from touchwiz on my SGS on ICS is the toggle on off in notification bar and being able to turn brightness up and down by swiping up and down notification bar. 
But i dont think ill go back ICS is so nice

Vijay Alapati

ICS for dell streak is my dream 🙂

Buzz Moody

▲ ▲

Damon Lewis

I saw this leak last night and it made me cry. Touchwiz isn’t needed on top of ICS (as opposed to all earlier versions) and only makes it ugly.


gotta agree with you mate- Touchwiz destroys ICS imho- they should make it optional to remove it and use stock ICS (I know some people do actually like Touchwiz for some strange reason)….
Now that android has finally matured UI-wise i do not think they really need these compulsory overlays… 

Anon Canberra

I completely agree with you!

Give us the choice of having a shitty overlay or not.

I love Android, but things like this piss me off to the nth degree.


100% agree