Are you the owner of a Motorola XOOM, or know someone who is? Then you best let them know not to wait up for the Ice Cream Sandwich update for their device. Motorola Australia stated on their Facebook page that while they’d love to get ICS quickly, the carriers here haven’t started the testing phase yet so a Q2 roll out is expected.

Our Australian carrier partners are yet to begin testing the ICS software for Xoom, therefore we are unable to advise of any exact date the update will be ready. We do expect to release the upgrade over the air sometime in Q2, but will definitely give you an update on timings as the cycle progresses.

Look on the bright side, at least your device is getting Android 4.0, that’s always a nice thing to know. The update is for both the Wi-Fi and 3G variants of the Motorola XOOM.

Source: Motorola Australia.
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Mike Enjo

Any news on this yet?


Oh and aussie carriers not testing the update has NOTHING to do with the WiFi model, it is completely void of any 3G and is NOT sold by a carrier…


Thats complete bullshit we have a thing called the internet for a reason, so everyone gets resources at the SAME TIME! Not happy at all


Why do I need a carrier to test it for a Wifi model? 

Buzz Moody

Because the carrier sold it. They want to make sure the update works before an angry mob comes and wipes them out.


Yep, ICS got pushed to my US Wifi xoom last week too. Its slick and so much faster.

Evan Munro-Smith

I bought a Telstra 3G Xoom and rooted it soon after I got it; recently the guys at XDA Forums posted an ICS 4.0.3 ROM that’s working really well for me so far, even 3G works without any trouble.

Here’s the link for anyone willing to give it a go:

Melanie McAlister

I bought my Xoom from B&H in the States for $500 6 months ago. I got ICS last week – now my tablet is more up-to-date (4.0.3) than my brand new Galaxy Nexus (4.0.1) from Telstra. Won’t make that mistake again!


I don’t get why they can’t just push ICS out to non-carrier branded XOOMs first~~ prople didn’t pay full price for a tablet to be dragged to slow down by Aussie carriers~~


JBhifi is selling zoom 32g wifi for 379 I think it was.
One of the local Sydney city capitol theatre computer shops were
selling 32g 3g for 399

Give it a go 🙂

Amos S

Are you sure you was the Xoom with 3g? I kept looking for such during December and all I found were WiFi-only.


Here’s a link to the 3G Xoom for 399 bucks at Capitol computer shops:
i’m thinking of going to buy one myself


I really want to get a Motorola Xoom. Where is the cheapest place to get one in Aus (that can be upgraded to ICS using the current US build floating around the tubes)?


Retravision have them for $329 or even down to $299 if you bargain…WIFI model only.


Australian carriers are slow on updates? You don’t say!