Well this is some fairly huge news, especially on the back of our special round-up of current Galaxy S III rumours. According to The Verge, citing sources familiar with the matter, Samsung are planning to not unveil the Galaxy S III at MWC like was originally planned as they don’t want the massive gap of time between unveiling / global launch and a US launch.

While this makes sense on a business level, it seems completely stupid in the grand scheme of things. Why would Samsung wait for the US carriers to pull their finger out and do customisations to the device so they’re different to the other US carriers, when they could just launch the one Galaxy S III to the major market that is the rest of the world and let the US carriers muck around wasting time on their own watch. I would love to hear what you guys think about the idea in the comments.

Source: The Verge.
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Looks’s like Samsung has released an official statement confirming this.

“Samsung is looking forward to introducing and
demonstrating exciting new mobile products at Mobile World Congress
2012. The successor to the Galaxy S2 smartphone will be unveiled at a
separate Samsung-hosted event in the first half of the year, closer to
commercial availability of the product.”


Jamesz Zhang

i reckon the galaxy s 3 will be running on android 4.0 straight out of the box with tegra 3 and 1280×720 screen


I reckon it will use an Exynos chip


more likely to be using Samsung’s own exynos chip like how the SII didn’t use a tegra 2 compared to using a tegra 3.

mohamed adel

i’m happy to use galaxy



I’m a very happy Galaxy S user (since July 2009), so my 24-month contract runs out this July; i’ve been looking forward to upgrading to (hopefully) the Galaxy S3 come contract renewal time. So this news displeases me…


Simply stupid decision if u can sell a lot more units in rest of world b4 US launch


I would love for it to come out on the same day as iPhone5

Jamesz Zhang

lets hope the galaxy s 3 design is not similar to iphone 5 or apple will start a new lawsuit against samsung 


either way apple will sue with some vauge touch screen and look and feel patents in my opinion.


If Samsung release there phone first then iphone later Samsung can sue apple for whatever reason.


There should only be one version of the SGS3 IMO… not several minor variations that just cause problems!


Oh noes! The SGSII came out 6+ months after the AU launch :




f#$&ing Americans stuff it for us again……… the vocal minority? (withmoney)!!!


It works in favour of us consumers. Announce a new product, put out a single release date and let everyone enjoy it on the same day instead of c0ckteasing the f0k outta some and drowning the hype. Good move Samsung!


That’s assuming they make enough to launch everywhere.
By Samsung’s track record, there’s been shortages when they release their flagships and that’s with releasing it in different places at different times and US carriers always want to have variations…look at how many galaxy S2 variants there are in the US. Trying to put all this near to each other is gonna be a major strain in their production line in my opinion. Making huge amounts of the same devices is a huge work enough, but making a huge amount with variants to boot, that might be a double edge sword.


Yep and I just received my galaxy s2 t898 from the states unlocked brand new.. loving it 


Fair point but (as much as I hate to even mention the name) if you look at Apple’s product releases, they’ve never really taken into account carrier/country specific demands. They’ve just stuck to their guns and put out a product that they know will sell regardless.

My point is, now that SGS II has set a solid benchmark (with h/w specs & OS performance) and people are eagerly waiting for the next big thing, they have all the power to start dictating terms with carriers.


That’s utter craziness. and why what with each US carrier having 5 variation of the same phone! i will try and believe its only a rumor…


What!? The rest of the world has suffer errr i mean wait for them? No way!

Rohan Juneja

Is the US TRYING to piss everyone off with SOPA, PIPA, megaupload etc? It could be very likely that the delayed global release will in turn delay the USA release making it pointless. I hope so, just to laugh at USA for being behind 😀

Geoff Fieldew

The update cycles are all messed up in the US. Galaxy S & SII variants launching on different dates. If Samsung can get them all to launch at the same time (or near enough) that makes a lot of sense for update cycles going forward. People get angry when they can’t plan things out and know that the next big thing will launch around the time they’re at the end of their current plan. The Galaxy S range has been a successful branding strategy that people feel comfortable with. This builds trust when you mix in a timed update cycle.… Read more »


The US have annoyed me enough within this past times with SOPA,PIPA and the megaupload takedown and they want to be a reason of more annoyance to me now….


If carrierIQ or yahoo apps become installed on the phone as it also comes out later than planed, I wont be one happy chappy. *readies odin*


“Delay the release date so we can install CarrierIQ”


Dare i say it…taking the apple approach…so long as it doesnt mean the whole world has to wait a long time then its probably for the best 🙂

Mukaila Yk

Its actually a good idea. When its ready to ship eveywhere then launch it. It’s stupid when they announce it and it doesn’t come out for 6 months or so.

Damon Lewis

It probably would come out a lot sooner if American carriers didn’t drag their feet and demand 5 different versions of the phone.


Yep, clearly a ridiculous idea. But works out okay for me… Having the champion phone for a bit longer is a good thing.


Im gonna import this B*tch so they better not


They make their money on the whole not just America. If their to slow then bad luck for them.

Bruce Banner

True but when one country makes up 35% of your sales they get more attention than everyone else. Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.


So what about the other 65%?  Appeasing to the minority is not good business sense, just like an MMO.  No wonder everyone hates the US.

Angry American

Everyone may hate the US but no one gives a damn about australia. Do you know any americans to form an opinion of hate? If not stfu. It’s just a phone. Get a life.