A leaked RUU (ROM Update Utility) for the HTC Endeavor leaked onto the internetz, and with it came a flurry of screenshots and images showing off the new UI features of Sense UI 4.0 — HTC’s take on Ice Cream Sandwich. While most Android savvy users are against Sense UI, it appears as though HTC are taking a step back and toning it down to act a little bit more like stock Android (check out the video of the HTC Ville).

From the looks of the images, HTC are bringing in more themes and have scrapped their own dock in place of a 5 icon dock much like stock Android. The lockscreen and home screens now seem to work properly in landscape mode. Some elements even remind me of Web OS in the tiniest of ways. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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Source: Android Central.
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Developer support for HTC devices is generally really good; there are always one click root/ROM methods which take the danger out.  

Vijay Alapati

this means the new sence will support the portrait mode on home screen 🙂

Fletcher Russell

i think you mean “support landscape” mode, which will be great, … lock screen and home screeen support

Vijay Alapati

Yes…..sorry typo 🙂


@Chumly84 I agree, i stay away from HTC phones and mainly anything other then the Nexus devise’s because i don’t like been forced to use overlays, if it were in the market i’d of dropped 5bux on it already just so i had that choice if i ever felt like it.


I don’t really like the cartoony nature of the icons in Sense, but that’s just my opinion – other than that I think Sense 4 is looking fairly good.   When I tried Sense 3 it on my friends HTC Sensation XL I was expecting Sense 3 to be fast and smooth (because the Sensation XL was brand new at the time) but straight away I noticed it was laggier than my Nexus One (CyanogenMod7).  I have those fancy animations enabled on Go Launcher also.  Not a good experience. The Galaxy Nexus I tried at the Telstra shop on the… Read more »


To be honest I haven’t owned a htc phone before but I have only been able to play with sense ui on friends htc’s and htcs at phone shops. But judging from those screen shots wow! they look great! It could be something I could get used to down the track if I were to update to a htc phone.. Good job.


People who don’t like hlsense ui shouldn’t get a htc in the first place. The best thing about htc apart from build quality and design, is sense ui!

Ben Neill

I personally have really liked sense UI on all my phones, especially when talking about Windows Mobile. However sense 3 is slightly laggy on my Desire HD, and it is getting a tad heavy in general. All the animations are nice but there’s  performance hit for all that bling.

It feels like HTC are losing their differentiation slightly by going down this path, but at least this way it can be customised a little more than sense 3.x and below.


I like Sense strangely. The only thing that I don’t like is the dock which is currently a total waste of space.

The new 5 icon dock is a great move.

I’d still prefer they just release sense as an alternate launcher in the market though and leave it at that. Charge five bucks for it or something and offer it free to HTC owners.