If you’re hoping to jump aboard HTC’s new ‘One’ series bandwagon, now is your chance.. to buy a ticket for the bandwagon anyway. Telstra have opened up expressions of interest for the upcoming HTC One XL — the LTE (4G) version of the HTC One X. The only major differences between the two devices is the CPU and, of course, the inclusion of a 4G radio. The CPU change isn’t something to get up-in-arms about though, as although the One XL runs a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 CPU, it’s based off Cortex-A15 architecture which will rock your socks off.

No plans have been made public about the HTC One XL, however we’re thinking it can’t be any higher than what the HTC Velocity 4G launched on. So expect to see it for $0 on the $79 Freedom Connect Plan from the Big T. Now, how many of our readers will be signing up for one? It’s a pretty compelling device.