Optus have just confirmed with us via email that they are about to start network testing the Android 4.0.3 update for the Samsung Galaxy S IIl. This means that all the major carriers are about to be in the testing stage and a late April release date seems to be on the table.

Vodafone might be the first out of the gate since they are keen on keeping customers happy, and Telstra have to ‘NextG Optimise’ their device. There you have it, Galaxy S II owners, now you can stop hounding me about the update 😉

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should i update my galaxy s2 from gingerbread to icecream


Its not about to start, we’ve already started 😉

Chris Boxsell

 I just hope they get rid of the annoying reboot that happens a couple of times a day since the 2.3.6 update from Optus. Shows how good the quality control etc is and how pointless it is to have the carriers touching this stuff.


I have an australian stock S2 and get the same reboot problems since upgrading to 2.3.6.

It’s an Android issue.

It seems better since I took all of the apps off the SD card and back on to the phone.

Evan Whiteside

Vodafone are interested in keeping their customers happy? … Didn’t they just up the prices for all their plans?


4.0.3? I thought the big G pulled the pin on that for the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus after some (unknown?) Issues cropped up…Verizon LTE/CDMA had/has 4.0.4 already…I’m thinking 4.0.5 will be the baseline (GSM) be about May


A bit like the SGS1 on 2.3.3 when the rest of the world is around 2.3.5 & 2.3.6 these days. Optus is pathetic but then again so are the rest.

Alex Dennis

Yay!!!! Finally, although I got this tweeted to me after I asked. Seems Dodo mobile is doing the same

Damon Lewis

If Vodafone was interested in keeping people happy they would at least acknowledge that there is an update to the Galaxy Nexus in testing.


Optus is hopeless. I switched to them from Vodafone last year (because I didn’t have service in my house 10 minutes from the CBD!!) and they have been laughable. I sent my phone off for warranty repair on the 10th of January and it has been back twice because they caused other problems. Anyway, I still don’t have it back nearly 7 weeks later. Frustration doesn’t begin to describe it. Can’t wait for my contract to expire and to switch to Telstra.

Peter Graham

I gave up caring ages ago .. in April I will be due for a phone upgrade to a phone that will have ICS already loaded onto it .. then for the next year all anyone will be talking about is Jelly Bean ( android 5.0 ) and about 2 months before I am due to upgrade and the circle of life continues. /end rant