We saw a tease of an updated Android App from ABC earlier this month, now the updated Android App is available to install through the Google Play Store. The app is available to devices running Android 2.2 or higher and is a miniscule 567kb to download. From an initial read through of comments in the Play store most people have been happy with it so far.

The list of features added includes a live video stream of ABC News 24 and access to listen to 28 ABC Radio stations, add the ability to save the app to the SD Card and a number of features that people have been asking for are now present. They do warn that the video and radio streaming can use up a fair size chunk of data, so be forewarned if you intend to stream this over your mobile connection The full list of features new to this version :

  • Watch live stream of ABC News 24 (requires support for Flash 11 or HLS)
  • Listen to live streams of 28 ABC radio stations
  • Read ABC News stories while listening to the radio in the background
  • ‘Recently Played’ list gives you quick access to your top 3 radio stations
  • Share stories via email, Twitter, Facebook or any of your favourite social apps
  • Increase and decrease font size
  • Retract and expand story pages to full screen
  • Choose the frequency of content updates
  • Save app on SD card

Personally I spend all day watching ABC News 24 as it brings updates constantly and in my line of work I need to know about any emergency situations in Australia. Still missing from the App is the ability to stream content from their iView library to your Android device but perhaps they`re saving that for version 3.0. Still all in all it looks like a decent app, jump on over to the source link and install it on your phone or tablet.

Source: Google Play Store.
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    About bloody time! I was about to get rid of the old ABC app as it’s pretty crap!


    haha yeah I haven’t had it installed for a few years. ¬†The new one will remain though.


    “ABC” could not be downloaded due to an error. (500).


    Hmm, works on wifi. Damn optus network.

    Marty Shipton

    I’ve been getting this error lately too, Could it be due to the new ICS update?


    I heart¬†iView… it really would be the icing on the cake!


    Aye! Where the hell is my iview app??!! watching Essie Davis on my tablet in bed is my icing and/or cake…