After reviewing the HTC One XL, I decided that I may as well root it seeing as though there’s currently no way to unlock the bootloader officially and unofficially. It was actually one of the easiest phones to root — at least it was for me. Just download the needed files, follow the instructions, and you’re done! This process works for the One XL from MobiCity and should work perfectly for the Telstra variant once it launches.

  1. Download and install the HTC drivers.
  2. Download the needed rooting files.
  3. Extract the contents into a directory.
  4. Connect your HTC One XL to your computer via USB.
  5. Enable USB Debugging on the One XL.
    • Settings -> Developer Options -> USB Debugging
  6. Make sure the One XL is in Charge Only mode.
    • Pull down the notification bar -> click USB conn. type -> Charge Only
  7. Double click root.bat (Windows). Sit back and wait.
    • Linux:
    • Mac:
  8. You’ve successfully rooted your HTC One XL

Source: Brief Mobile.
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Mian Sahb

i have just rooted my htc one xl and set recovery. but now it turns of and turns on automatically. remaind white screen with htc quitely brelliant. what to to do now.


Obvious question:
Do you have a recovery image for it to use?

ប្លង រស្មី

i will try

Aiyk Richie

hello pls i already have my generic one xl updated to jellybean, would you know of any proven and tested means to get it rooted successfully. I will be grateful’


The link is not working!!!!

Youngy for the ZIP

Or you can just Google it yourself.
Thanks Buzz… now get back to school!! 😉


Sorry, but would you be kind enough to re-upoad; that link doens’t appear to work anymore and I couldn’t find it anywhere else!



rooting files need to be re-uploaded as the link no longer works

Dylan Seegers

cannot download root files. please re-link


Seems this option is dead since the 1.89 OTA air update is applied.
To my knowledge there is no update yet to root your phone on this version.

Ausdroid — can you confirm?!


1.89 user here, I can confirm that this root indeed does not work. Currently unable to find a working solution.

Franco Cozzo

Root program link no longer works. Can someone please re-link.

Thank you.


The download link for the Root Program is not working.. can this be fixed please?? Also ,is this still a current and valid method of rooting?


I’ve tried rooting my HTC one xl for two days almost non stop and can’t figure it out. everything I try doesn’t work. Z4, super one click rooter ,ausdroid, universal androot etc. etc.


can’t find root.bat
I can find the other two but nothing happens when I click on them. I’m now totally lost with this and everything I’ve tried.


HELP, TRIED NOW I HAVE A BLACK SCREEN, with only the pull down menu


problem fixed, repeated the process twice more and it’s all sorted


Do you think we will get some custom ROMs for Telstra official One XL? I assume its the same model as the US and Canadian AT&T and Rogers One X, so things look good.


Out of curiosity, did you actually attempt the HTCDev unlock? Or did you just assume it won’t. AFAIK the AT&T version has been blocked by carrier request but I’m wondering if this will affect all XL’s or just AT&T sourced units.

Buzz Moody

HTCDev unlock doesn’t work. No doubt HTC will add the One X and One XL very soon, but at the moment it’s no go.

It was attempted by using the Flyer and Incredible S HTCDev unlock also, as they have the closest chipsets to the One XL.

For now only Root Access can be achieved, no S-OFF. Give it a few weeks and it’ll be available.


The One X definitely does work (as confirmed by my own handset) – try under “other devices”, which is what I had to do.