Update (9:25pm): A reader (@JM77) has pointed out the time of 25:10. This could possibly be referring to a release date of the 25th of October? Sounds good to us!

This screenshot contained within the Google IO 2012 application that launched today might just be giving us a look at the subtle UI changes Android “Jelly Bean” may bring to the table. Android news site, Phandroid, pointed out that the Google search bar has deviated from the Holo theme of Ice Cream Sandwich to a more transparent look.

While both Phandroid and ourselves may be looking too far into it, the fact there’s no stock Browser — only Google Chrome — on the home screen may see Google Chrome take its pride of place on Android Jelly Bean as the default browser. On the other hand, it seems unlikely for Google to include their own browser — even though it’s part open source — on all Android devices that may not have access to the Google Play Store to be updated.

Source: Phandroid.
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Yianni Soc

Is it just me, or does the wallpaper look like the verge logo if you squint your eyes?


I noticed the Folder in the task bar personally…. Looks like it has the dialer , Google talk and Messages.

Damon Lewis

That’s a feature in ICS.


Correct me if I’m wrong but Vanilla ICS cant do folders in the task bar. Apex and Nova can but only with root.

Damon Lewis

I just asked my friend who has a Nexus and he says that you can put folders in the dock/task bar.


Im guessing that the next phone with jelly bean will be a nexus. But what abouth that nexus 7 thing? Would that have a tablet layout?