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You’ve placed your order for the Nexus 7, now to twiddle your thumbs for the next 2-3 weeks till it arrives right? Wrong! Google has written a guidebook on the Nexus 7 to help familiarise yourself with both the hardware and Jelly Bean as a platform. Weighing in at 84 pages the book/manual seems to be a good way for Google to get around a large number of basic questions new users to the Android platform would ask, they are also probably hoping to avoid some of the issues that occured with the release of the Nexus One when their Customer Support did not appear to cope with the volume of calls.

Check it out in the Google Play Store and if you glean any interesting tid-bits let us know in the comments.

Source: EngadgetGoogle Play Books.
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Damon Lewis

I want to go know what’s the deal with the tablet vs phone UI. When in landscape does the UI change to tablet mode or will there be 3 buttons centred at the bottom with a ton of wasted space?

Brendan Barton

From what i could see in the screen shots and vid it “looks” like its stuck in phone ui which is kinda disappointing but I’m sure this can be fixed “wink”


It has already been ‘fixed’ over at xda – just a matter of changing the dpi to a value ~170 or so to trick JB into thinking it is a Tablet and not a phone. There are some issues at present with font sizes etc but that will all be smoothed out, likely by the time we receive our pre-orders 🙂