Just as we reported earlier in the week, the HTC One S will indeed be launching on not only Virgin and Optus, but also Telstra. The mid-ranged device will call Optus and Virgin home from July 2nd (Monday) and will then make its way to Telstra on July 17th.

Optus will be offering the One S for $0 on their $50 plan over 2 years, and Virgin — just as we reported earlier — will launch it on their Big Plan 39 without the bonus 2GB of data, so you’ll just have 500MB to work with. Telstra have not yet released any pricing details.

The HTC One S will launch here in the Snapdragon S3 variant which has a Dual-Core 1.7GHz CPU instead of the Snapdragon S4 CPU that can also be found in the HTC One XL. Other specs include the 4.3-inch Super AMOLED 960×540 display, 1GB RAM, 8MP camera and 16GB of internal memory — no external memory can be added.

Source: PC World.