With good grace I concede defeat, Vodafone has done what I thought impossible for any carrier, they have completed testing and will roll out the update for Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) to Vodafone Nexus S handsets from 1pm tomorrow beating even Google to releasing the image on the Google Dev page. I will happily send a picture of myself wearing a Vodafone Speaks Android Lanyard out onto the web because that is just awesome. The Vodafone update blog advises the status of the rollout as :

Approved by Vodafone, roll out by Google scheduled for 1:00pm AEST, 19th July 2012. Keep an eye on our blog for further information.

I’m currently travelling, but as soon as I get the lanyard from Vodafone I will post a picture of myself in my Ausdroid hoodie wearing the Vodafone Speaks Android lanyard holding my Nexus S running Jelly Bean.

As a bonus to show that they are really good sports they will still be sending a Samsung GALAXY Mini 2 to us to review and give away to one of our lucky readers. Quite frankly I’m blown away by this and every single person reading this should be as well, I cannot state how awesome this is.

To Kieran, Vodafone and the software testing team, Congratulations on winning and thank you, Vodafone really does speak Android.

Update : Vodafone have just clarified that as usual this is a staggered release so be patient it will hit but it may take a few days.

Source: Vodafone Blog.
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Phil Luyer

Update again… Vodafone don’t really speak Android… They’ve canned the Nexus S rollout due to an unspecified issue that they didn’t pick up in initial testing…

Sean Kavanagh

interesting roll out schedule posted/proposed across at whirlpool
Not sure where/what its based on, but supposedly on 0.1% of phones by end of day 2 will have the update, ramping up to 100% of the phones by day 6.
Might not see to many people with it on straight away.

(Link seems to take me to the start of the thread, so..halfway down p44)


I am wondering if anyone has been able update to 4.1 from Nexus S 4.0.4 ?


Status:1309PM AEST, Nexus S; Waiting for Jelly Bean.


Status:1420PM AEST, Nexus S; Still No Jelly Bean.


This just makes me want to flash my Galaxy Nexus to get away from slow carrier updates. It made a hell of a difference for my Australian Motorola Xoom experience, can’t see why ditching Vodafone updates isn’t also worth it on my GNexus.

Sean Kavanagh

I know they say 1pm but I am hitting “check for update” right now…and again…and again 🙂


Nice work Voda, maybe this is a sign that they have realised they must stop the rot.
With so many people going to Telstra I suspect with a bit of direction from management Voda in a year or two might be the place to be. Still a while off though but certainly this is Voda getting it right.


No one give a toss about legacy device having Jelly Bean. Especially the Nexus S. How about JB for newer device. Vodafail.

Elvarez Stikonimous

I care. I’ve got one, so does the wife. Jelly Bean will help us cope with the fact that the i9023 Vodafone gave us doesn’t support their new network. At least they’re unlocked if we wanted to ditch them! Win-Win-Win.

Liam Stubbs

Yeah sure, nobody gives a damn about “legacy devices” getting new software. Except everyone that was pissed off when Samsung pulled the ICS update for the Galaxy S, or when HTC tried pulling support for the Desire. Not everybody can afford to change phones every time their model is made obsolete, so the upgrades are welcomed with open arms. If anything you should be happy that, at the very least, Google’s devices are kept up to date, even if nobody else’s are. I can see Android’s fragmentation problem fading in the near future.

Dave Carr

Wonders when it will be available for the Vodafone version of the Galaxy S2


Too good to be true… bad I’ve already flashed aosp on my nexus s.


Credit where it’s due! I’m not particularly a Vodafone fan, but you can’t help but be impressed by this. Well played Vodafone… now if they could only provide some network coverage where I live.

Milty C

boy, if the Nexus S gets the update before my galaxy nexus its going to tick me right off. So sick of checking for the update.


Thats bloody brilliant. Good on them


I think I’m out of luck for the S3 until next year though… At least I will get to go to WordCamp Sydney with the Nexus 7 though…


So the race is on… Will I get to play with Jelly Bean first on my Vodafone Nexus S – or will Mr Fedex surprise me and turn up early with my 16Gb Nexus 7? Stay tuned for more…


Or both at the same time! :’)


Currently its looking like neither…




Awesome news. Let’s hope the Galaxy Nexus update isn’t too far away either. 🙂

Buzz Moody

Well played, Vodafone.

Chris Spencer.

Good on them eh!


What?! What?! Can someone explain how they can roll Jelly Bean out to the Nexus S (before Google?!) but not to the Galaxy Nexus that Google rolled out over a week ago?

So confused!


galaxy nexus already has the update, got it quite recently actually

David Anderton