A commercial for the Galaxy Note 10.1 has appeared overnight on the YouTube channel for Step Management a modeling agency based in Bangkok. The commercial which centres around the business possibilities of the Note 10.1, shows of a brief look at the device we were first shown back in February at Mobile World Congress. I’ve also seen much interest in this tablet from more artistic types who have taken to devices like the Galaxy Note and would love to get their hands on a larger screen version of the tablet.

One of the major issues raised was at MWC the inability to store the S-Pen inside the device when not in use like it’s smaller brother the Galaxy Note. Since the trade show the device pretty much disappeared, but rumours have circulated that Samsung has been reworking the design to allow the S-Pen to be stored on-board but we can’t see this in the video and can only hope this is the case.

Check out the commercial and let us know if you’re interested in the Note 10.1 and if so for business or pleasure. I personally think Samsung should be doing a lot more with the Note brand as it certainly is a differentiator in the hotly contested tablet market, especially when it comes down to avoiding lawsuits from a certain company. With a commercial ready to go, could this be the device being launched next month in the US?

Update : Original video has been removed from YouTube but thanks to nothing ever really being removed on the internet it’s here again(Thanks SC) :

Source: SamMobile.
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There is a new video on youtube as this one was removed. Search Samsung CMC Business 10.1 and it will appear.

some guy

Ahhhh… why is the video removed?


Samsung ads are always so…shit

Myk Dowling

Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure!

That video does disturb me a little, though. The point of a pie chart is to present data in an easily digestible form. It looked a lot like he was just making a random pie chart to add to his presentation.