The head of South Korean electronics powerhouse Samsung, Mr JK Shin has told Korean Press that they have already sold more than 10 million of their flagship phone the Samsung Galaxy S III. Launched just over 2 months ago they initially wanted to reach this figure by the end of July so they’ve certainly kicked that goal.

The phone had a pretty good launch here in Australia, I see them all over the place and it has just launched in the US where I imagine sales will continue fairly well based on the phones predecessors sales figures in that market. It looks to be on-track to outstrip the 28 Million sales of the Galaxy S II that Samsung reported . Let me hear your estimates for sales in it’s first year : 30 Million, 40 Million, More?

Source: Android Central.
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I think that next year will be the big year for samsung. I think this is a year for fans more then anything else. For people that bought the s2 would have found it to he a very decent phone amd upgrade to stay with android in 2013 and the fans will upgrade from the s3 yet again.