Deal Ended – The sale price has now ended and Millennius is selling the Galaxy Nexus at $379, the same price as Kogan.
If you were looking to purchase a Galaxy Nexus recently you found you can no longer do so through Telstra, but you can purchase one outright from Millennius who have tweeted their latest special which is an unlocked Galaxy Nexus for just $359, there is an additional shipping charge of $19 which is to be expected and they advise that they can ship to Melbourne in around 3-5 Business days.

Not a bad deal if you want a phone which runs a vanilla version of Jelly Bean, update is delivered OTA when you first load the phone up, whilst lacking in the camera department the Galaxy Nexus has certainly had new life breathed into it by the latest OS, my recent re-purchase of the Galaxy Nexus had some issues but Millennius advise that this is definitely an unlocked international version compatible with Australia. So, go grab it.

Source: Millennius.
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Nick Bryant

You will not get an immediate OTA update if you purchase through Millennius as the phone I received is build
IMM76K.I9250XWLD2 – Updates being handled by Samsung

Daniel Tyson

Indeed, time to take yourself to the Google Dev page and flash the YAKJU build. This was the same as the Galaxy Nexus I got from Shopping Square…which is in for repair due to no longer recognising the SIM card 🙁

Nick Bryant

I would seriously counsel against ordering from this company. Ordered a GN online 2 days ago and have been trying to contact them to get an ETA. They have taken my money but not answering the phone or returning messages. It’s not even clear if they are still in business.

Greg McPherson

But $399 for a Nexus S?


Good price, Kogan and Expansys have been jostling their G Nexus prices lately too, will see if they match this.
I haven’t come across Millennius before, will check the forums for peoples experience with them vs the others.