The factory images page on the Google Developers website has been updated with the stock factory images for the Nexus S(Except Sprint 4G and Korean Version), Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7. The images that Google supply on this site makes it dead simple for anyone with a Nexus device to download the factory image and flash it to their phone without waiting for carrier testing, although Vodafone seems to have beaten them to the punch for once, which I’m ecstatic to see.

The Nexus 7 image was released very quickly after the tablet was announced however the images for the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus have been MIA for a while, Google did promise at IO that OTA updates would be sent to the Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Xoom around Mid-July and it appears that they have lived up to that promise with US versions of the WiFi Xoom receiving the Jelly Bean update as of yesterday, hopefully we`ll see it here soon.

The importance of these images cannpt be understated, the ability to simply download the stock factory image for your device and flash it back to where it started from is a must have option for anyone who is into flashing custom ROMS to their devices or those stuck with carrier branded devices.

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By my reckoning the challenge deadline is this Friday. Interesting to know when there’s an update from Vodafone.

Sean Kavanagh

I gave up waiting for Vodafone Au. Not sure what their problem was but flashed the factory image last night (my first go at unlocking boot loaders etc..) and it works a treat.

Jelly Bean all the way on my Nexus S and Nexus 7.


Does this mean that if I can update my Telstra GNex to Jelly Bean now?

Daniel Tyson

Technically yes, but that would involve flashing the image that Google have supplied, Telstra have still not released an OTA for the 4.1 update to their Telstra branded Galaxy Nexus. The Telstra software page lists the status of the Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Nexus as : ‘Samsung is preparing an update but is yet to confirm the date it will be submitted for Telstra testing.’


How will flashing the image effect the device and how do you do it?


how old is your device? and how badly do you want the warranty? there are 2 things you can do: unlock your device, root your device, make a recovery image and then flash the stock 4.1 image OR just unlock your device and flash the stock 4.1 image both are pretty easy to be honest. The first step is slightly longer but provides you with a “recovery” in case you need to hide your meddling with the phone if you need to make a warranty claim. The second is what I did because heck, i don’t care. Google search XDA… Read more »


I’ve had it for about 3 months but I’m sick of no updates through Telstra. They says that 4.0.4 should be released by the end of the month so hopefully Jelly Bean shouldn’t be to far away. I may leave it a while longer then flash the image if they don’t update, I’m not that fussed about the warranty. Cheers. 🙂


What do you mean by Vodafone has beaten them to the punch?

Daniel Tyson

Vodafone as a whole worldwide was what I intended. Vodafone Austrlalia has had some issues yet, we’re just waiting to hear back from them on the status of the OTA, although with these images you can have Jelly Bean within 15 minutes.


So in summary the challenge timer is still ticking…

Daniel Tyson

It is indeed, I tweeted them on Saturday morning, just waiting to hear about updates on the OTA for Australian Vodafone Nexus S customers


have vodafone approved jelly bean on the nexus s yet?

Daniel Tyson

Not in Australia but worldwide they have sent out the OTA with no issues which would be what these Images are based from.


have vodafone approved the nexus s jelly bean update yet? their blog doesnt say much.

i put a foreign sim in my nexus s to get the ota update.


In other news Motorola Australia will wait until the next version of android is out before giving Aussie Xoom owners Jelly Bean to demonstrate how strict and “efficient” they test their firmware locally no matter if it’s carrier related or not.