Todays Nexus 7 video introduces the Google Hangouts concept to new Nexus 7 owners. The Google+ experience is really good on the Nexus 7 and the Google+ Hangouts function is really quite a smart tool to be pushing. The video shows how to login to Google+ and then start a Hangout, clever marketing to get some more active users on the Google+ social network. We’re just working out how to get the news feed for Ausdroid fed into Google+ now so make sure you add +Ausdroid to your Circles.

Nexus 7 – Google+ Hangouts

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iphone updates

wow its very cool video u have shared here nice features u have shared thanks for this post


This is my first tablet and I am loving it. Can anybody help me with cases for it?

Daniel Tyson

Official cases should be coming over the next couple of weeks, I intend to hammer Asus about it at the Transformer Pad infinity Launch on the 7th of August if they’re not out by then. In the meantime the best places are eBay and Amazon, depends on the style of case you want : Neoprene Sleve, Leather Folio, Stand, Smart Cover etc, think about how you want to use it or if you just want a case.

Myles Harris

Having picked up my Nexus Thursday I have to say I am very impressed. It’s nice seeing Google’s vision. Still a few weird and annoying things but there is much potential with Android to come. Hangout and even Skype work very well.


I thought the video undersold the hangout experience – only two people – and just waving,…

I’d have had 10 people playing poker or similar.

Daniel Tyson

That would be really good, certainly show off the versatile nature of Hangouts