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“The inclusion of a camera on a tablet is, well absurd”.

I think you’re overlooking the fact that a tablet is an ideal device for video calling using apps ilke Skype. You may be correct that a rear-facing camera isn’t very useful, but a front-facing camera is definitely important. It would be better if they put all the money into the front-facing camera.

Daniel Tyson

Yes, I could have clarified that better, I was referring to the rear camera.


I purchased an Acer A500 at Changi Airport on the way home. It cost less than AUD400 I recall. This is my first Android device and I still am not sure whether a tablet is better than a PC netbook (I will certainly take my netbook on my next overseas holiday but not sure about the tablet).

Still the A500 has been very reliable. Upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich with no problems. I have the Kindle app installed and this is a much better e-book reader than a Kindle.

I would recommend an Acer.



Nice and concise review, Daniel. Unfortunately with that atrocious price tag, the tablet is as good as a dud – especially next to the better packaged Transformer series and even the new iPad (actually, especially the iPad). Asus should have been the benchmark that Acer must ‘aspire’ to be (pun intended) to gain even a sliver of success in the tablet space.


I like how you lay out your articles.. nice


why would you delete my comment? android is open, why isn’t this comment section?

Daniel Tyson

?? Haven`t deleted any comments! We don’t delete comments(Well unless they were really provocatively offensive). I’ve been through our comments and can find no record of a comment being deleted. Sorry but please feel free to enter it again, I love to hear feedback and opinions.

vijay alapati

why would ICS be a Pros…? do u see a new tabs with HC? it would be a Pros if it has JB…
also its fat and $579….no thanks….kogan tab is much better and cheaper

Daniel Tyson

It’s a Pro because all the manufacturers have the option still to release HoneyComb based tablets and they chose to release an Ice Cream Sandwich based tablet. It’s the same issue that plagues Sony who should be releasing Ice Cream Sandwich Phone and continue to deliver phones running Gingerbread. As Jelly Bean has only just been released, we have not been advised if Acer were chosen to receive the PDK which would have given them early access to the code and therefore allow them to develop a Jelly Bean based tablet. Acer has a much better reputation in regards to… Read more »


Wow. Short review.

Daniel Tyson

It is actually longer but if you view it on mobile it is only displaying the conclusion


Ok cool sorry for that. Switching to desktop now

Daniel Tyson

No problems, I saw the same thing just after I posted it, bit of a worry when you put over 1500 words in and that comes out 🙂