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Nextbit Robin — Review

Nextbit’s Robin is the beginning of a curious new age for Android devices. The company’s first smartphone is a darling of Kickstarter crowdfunding, quickly blowing through its funding goal late last year, and establishing itself as a hot device...

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge — Review

There’s little doubt that Samsung has been on to a good thing with its Galaxy range of smartphones. For a number of years now the Galaxy S range has been incredibly popular with consumers and reviewers alike, starting with...

Review – HP Chromebook 11 (2201TU)

From time to time at Ausdroid we get the opportunity to review devices that complement Android or the larger Google ecosystem. Amongst these devices Chromebooks are a hot favourite for many of the Ausdroid writers. At this point I...

Sony Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact & Xperia Z5 Premium — Review

Rewind to the end of 2014 and the start of 2015, and Sony's Xperia Z3 found much favour with us at Ausdroid. The standard "full size" unit was a firm favourite with Chris, and the Z3 Compact found itself...

Blackberry Priv — Review

BlackBerry a name that was synonymous with the corporate world with its handheld mobile devices. Over the last couple of years -- thanks in part to Android and iOS along with what many would say were bad management decisions...

Asus Chromebit — Review

Chrome OS has been put onto many form factors since it was first introduced, laptops (Chromebooks), desktops (Chromeboxes and Chromebases) and now they’re invading the new stick computing trend that Intel first introduced, with the Asus Chromebit. Since Google and...

Review — Xiaomi Mi Note Pro

In the Australian market, we can be a little blinded to the larger worldwide Android manufacturer ecosystem, especially when said devices live outside the Googleverse. Case in point, Xiaomi is one of the world's largest manufacturers of Android phones,...

Google Pixel C — Review

Android tablets have occupied an interesting space in today's technology landscape; somewhere between bargain basement junk that no one is ever actually seen buying, but they definitely buy, and moderately priced tablets that seem to be good at a...

Acer Chromebook R11 (C738T-C0CC) — Review

After the hugely popular Acer C720P, which Scott loved, Acer has released their next model, the Chromebook R11, for the Australian market. Announced at IFA last September, the R11 offers a new range of form factors for the Chromebook,...

Huawei P8 Lite — Review

Here at Ausdroid we get to review a lot of high end phones and it’s what we all love to do. The problem is that the high end phone is not for everyone. Some people just need...

Review: Garmin Vivosmart HR

Kleenex, Hoover, Glad Wrap, Band-aid, Fitbit. All brands that are synonymous with the products they represent. It makes it hard for other brands to break into their respective fields. Fitbit’s dominance of the fitness band industry through...

Review – Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Let me start this by saying I want to want a tablet. I love the idea of tablets, I have a few of them laying around the house. However, I often find myself using my phone in preference to...

Huawei MediaPad M2 — Review

Huawei have been pushing into the Android space hard over the last 12 months, particularly focussed over the last 6 months or so with initiatives such as the Huawei branded stalls showcasing the capabilities of the manufacturer and their...

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser — Review

When we reviewed the original Asus Zenfone 2 we found that it was good at delivering above the expectations of someone buying a sub $300 phone, delivering far above what it promised as well. A new iteration of...

LG Nexus 5X — Review

The Nexus range of devices in 2015 were well leaked ahead of their release at the end of September, and the indications were they'd be an impressive batch of devices. While Huawei was new to the Nexus game in...

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