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Samsung Gear VR (2015) — Review

Samsung's Gear VR has gone through three iterations before reaching a review bench at Ausdroid. The first iteration -- the original Gear VR -- was kind of limited, and only worked with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. An Innovator...

Lenovo Yoga 2 — Review

Lenovo is a market leader when it comes to PC, and surprisingly to most Australians, the Mobile Phone markets, but while they haven’t introduced Lenovo branded phones to Australia yet, they have brought tablets here. Their initial offerings tended...

Samsung Galaxy Gear — Review

How does Samsung's smart watch stack up? The Galaxy Gear is Samsung’s first entry into the smart watch, or "wearables", market. It joins the Pebble and Sony's Sony’s Smartwatch 2 in what seems to be a developing market. It's arguable whether...

Motorola Xoom II — Review

Has the Xoom 2 lived up to the expectations and hype? The original Motorola Xoom was a huge step for the rapidly growing Android environment, carrying Android 3.0 Honeycomb and bringing a new "tablet friendly" operating system to users. ...

Asus Transformer Pad TF103C — Review

Asus began their Transformer Pad series a couple of years ago with the TF101. It was my first foray into the tablet world. In the end I sold it and bought a Nexus 7 (2012) after finding...

Samsung Galaxy Nexus — Review

Is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus ready to live up to the hype of the Nexus series? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus convallis facilisis nunc a lacinia. Sed pretium velit a velit adipiscing fermentum. Morbi molestie risus...

Red Bull Mobile Australia — Review

We review Red Bull Mobile's prepaid service, and found it a mixed bag. The other week, we received an approach from Red Bull Mobile Australia (RBMA). Their proposal? Check out our service, have a SIM card on us, try it...

Huawei Ascend D1 Quad — Review

Huawei steps into the world of quad-core devices, but can it find mainstream success? You could be forgiven for not really knowing much about Chinese company Huawei (It’s pronounced ‘wah-way’, in case you were wondering). They are actually the largest...

Google Nexus 7 — Review

Google rolls the dice with their first tablet. For some, the wait for a Nexus branded tablet has been painfully lengthy. So many lovers of Android have been crying out for a slate with Google’s specific hand of blessing on...

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 — Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note series of phones have been instrumental in defining the “Phablet” devices. The larger screen has given users extra functionality and freedom to do more while on the move and adding the S Pen only...

Motorola Moto E Gen 2 — Review

The release of a Motorola Moto series handset has become a big event whenever it happens. Though we waited for four months to finally get the Moto E Gen 2 in Australia, our previous history with the previous Moto...

Acer C720P Chromebook Review

The first low-end touchscreen Chromebook Acer had a hit early on with the C720 Chromebook and have built on this success iterating the C720 into 13 different variations. Two of these variations sit within the top 7 best sellers on...

Review – Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Let me start this by saying I want to want a tablet. I love the idea of tablets, I have a few of them laying around the house. However, I often find myself using my phone in preference to...

Micromax Canvas A1 — Android One — Review

Since Google launched Android in 2008, there have been issues with fragmentation - although Google Play Services has helped this issue somewhat, the competition does tend to drag version numbers out at any opportunity. OEMs have continually lagged behind...

HTC Desire 816 — Review

There's long been a split in the market between the “flagship" phones manufacturers launch with much pomp and circumstance like the Galaxy S5 or One (M8) and the second-tier devices like the Galaxy Ace or F Series. While expensive...

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