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Micromax Canvas A1 — Android One — Review

Since Google launched Android in 2008, there have been issues with fragmentation - although Google Play Services has helped this issue somewhat, the competition does tend to drag version numbers out at any opportunity. OEMs have...

Samsung Galaxy Nexus — Review

Is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus ready to live up to the hype of the Nexus series? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus convallis facilisis nunc a lacinia. Sed pretium velit a velit adipiscing fermentum. Morbi molestie risus...

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 (5.5) — Review

Alcatel OneTouch have made a name on lower end hardware, the results have ranged from decent through to less than average. But, since my walkthrough at their booth at Mobile World Congress, I’ve been aware that...

Nexus 9 — Review

Manufactured by HTC, there were always going to be a few questions asked; not only of HTC but of the device and its capabilities. Despite having produced a couple of quite outstanding flagship phones in...

Sony Xperia Sola — Review

It's small, it's light, it's a clean design and it packs a decent punch! While this isn't the first Sony phone I've used, it's the first I've actually enjoyed using. Would I buy one? No! Would I recommend my...

LG Optimus L9 — Review

The Biggest, Shiniest L-Series Phone Yet. The L-Series was first introduced at Mobile World Congress last year where LG showed off the Optimus L3, L5 and L7. Fast forward to August last year when LG announced that...

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 — Review

There was a time when a Samsung Galaxy Note was the only viable option for someone who wanted a large phone. Then the market started to shift, screens became larger and 5” is now the norm...

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Wi-fi) — Review

Can the Galaxy Note 8 stand up to Samsung’s high standards? In the last few years, Samsung has created an amazing success story with their Galaxy S phones, and more recently the Galaxy Note range - the first...

Jacobs Portal 9.7″ Tablet — Review

A sub $200 10 inch Android tablet usually spells danger, but does the Jacobs Portal 9.7” device deserve the stigma? As I stated in my recent review of the Leader Tab, there’s two distinctly different segments when it comes to...

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 — Review

So good that I bought one for myself The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 really proves the statement that good things come in small packages, with some significant advantages over the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9 and many other tablets...

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active — Review

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is certainly one of the top three phones of 2013, but can its more-rugged cousin, the Galaxy S4 Active, live up to the ‘Galaxy S’ name? There’s no denying Samsung have been the success story of...

Oppo N1 — Review

Oppo is one of the ever increasing batch of “nearly there” brands who have some nice hardware, pretty acceptable software. The Oppo N1 is a solid phone which looks great and feels nice in your hand, but can...

Prada Phone by LG 3.0 — Review

Can the style of Prada be put into a phone? The Prada Phone by LG 3.0 is the third phone in a series designed by Prada and built by LG, however the first two phones ran Flash UI and this...

Huawei Vision — Review

Looks aren`t always everything, but sometimes they`re enough I`ve been getting to this for nearly 5 months, but I've finally gotten here. To be fair, this phone came out at the same time my Galaxy Nexus arrived. I attended the...

Motorola RAZR M — Review

Motorola delivers a solid 4G LTE phone with a 4.3 inch edge-to-edge screen. Motorola’s second release this month, the RAZR M is a 4.3 inch 4G LTE device. In many ways, it’s the RAZR HD’s little brother,...

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