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Samsung Galaxy S6 / Galaxy S6 Edge — Review

Samsung has lead the Android market with its Galaxy S line of mobile phones for a number of years now, producing one of - if not the - top-selling mobile handsets on the market. The company has achieved mass-market...

Moto G 3rd Generation — Review

Motorola is innovating, and it's doing it at a cracking pace. The Moto G line is not quite two years old in Australia, and already we're reviewing the 3rd generation of the product. Ordinarily, we get a bit upset...

Moto X Style — Review

Australia has not been a very successful market for Motorola in recent times. The past couple of years since firstly Google took over and now Lenovo have seen Motorola begin to slowly make inroads with their new-look phones....

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 — Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note series of phones have been instrumental in defining the “Phablet” devices. The larger screen has given users extra functionality and freedom to do more while on the move and adding the S Pen only...

Telstra Smart Touch 2 — Review

Can excellence be had in a sub-$100 Smart Phone? Telstras first attempt at a sub-$100 Android handset was the original Smart Touch, a phone manufactured by ZTE which from all accounts was a pretty basic affair offering a resistive touch...

Redbull Mobile in SA — Review

If you're looking for a way to save money on your mobile bill without compromising the service you've got, here's a great option! Redbull Mobile are a new player in the mobile space and have yet to develop a reputation...

Sony Xperia Tablet Z (16GB Wifi) — Review

Sony have a great name, but is the Xperia Tablet Z a great product? There’s some serious competition when it comes to 10 inch tablets currently, both in the budget conscious as well as the performance devices. Sony by...

Samsung Galaxy S 5 — Review

Samsung's Galaxy S5. Announced only recently at Mobile World Congress 2014 and released in Australia last week, the Galaxy S5 is already taking the world by storm. We've had the opportunity, and we expect you have too, to read...

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 — Review

Is Samsung's third entry in the series still one to take Note of? The Galaxy Note 3 is Samsung’s third iteration of its popular Galaxy Note series, which started with a phone that, on release, was considered "niche" because of...

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge — Review

Samsung is the king of the smartphone world, at least when it comes to sales. The company holds around 80% market share when it comes to profits and it’s mostly due to their ability to attack every possible facet...

Yotaphone 2 — Review

While the original Yotaphone was nothing particularly exciting back in January 2014, it did introduce a new concept for Android mobility -- the inclusion of a second screen. We find second screens in many aspects of life now, with...

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ — Review

Samsung has a massive lead when it comes to market share in Android, with a large number of handsets aimed at all levels of the market. Their top tier devices obviously get the lions share of the attention though...

The OnePlus One: A Comprehensive Review

Late last year a new company emerged from China headed by Pete Lau, a former VP of Oppo - a pretty well-established Chinese phone manufacturer. The name of the new company was OnePlus and they quickly introduced their idea...

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 — Review

Is this the XXL version of the Galaxy S4 it appears to be? The Age of the Phablet The Phablet, Tweener or Phoneblet, for want of a better word - and believe me, we do want a better word - is...

Huawei Ascend Mate — Review

Can Huawei compete in an increasingly crowded super-sized phone market? A lot of our time at Ausdroid is spent paying attention to the top tier of Android device manufacturers - while Samsung is doubtless the heavyweight of the Android world,...

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