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Acer announces four new Chromebooks with only one coming to Australia

Acer recently announced the addition of four new Chromebooks to their range, but sadly only one is definitely bound for Australia. Two won't be available in Australia and one with yet to be...

Acer Swift X offers performance, portability and functionality in an increasingly mobile world

As our world changes, the tech we carry too needs to evolve. Acer has announced its latest efforts in keeping us online, connected and mobile in the Swift X laptop. Driven by...

Acer brings the Chromebook Spin 514 to market and AMD into the Chromebook game

Chromebooks have been around for a while and while they've made an impact, some would say, not as big as they could have. The additional functionality of running Android Apps on the ChromeOS...

Acer ConceptD Review — Almost no compromises on hardware designed for creators

We got our first look at the Acer Concept D hardware during Computex last year. The design of the laptops is about power and portability -- for a given sense of the word --...

Acer drops two new Chromebooks to spice up your laptop choices

Acer has produced some exceptional equipment over its time in the market. In recent times we've seen that trend continue with the Concept D range of hardware and the Spin 13 Chromebook. The latest...

Acer announces a new range of Chromebooks at IFA 2019, coming to Australia from...

Ahead of the official kick-off of IFA 2019 in Germany, Acer has announced a range of new laptops and computers, but the most interesting among them for us is some new Chromebooks. There's four new...

Acer Chromebook Spin 13 review – Chromebooks have come of age

Since they came to be, Chromebooks have seemingly been left to organically grow market share. Possibly since Google gave up on Android for tablets some time ago, the fact they brought Android Apps to...

Acer Chromebook Spin 13 — First Impression

Chromebooks are an interesting platform; many users haven’t engaged with them yet and can’t see the pathway to full engagement. Personally I’ve used them since 2013 when I got my first Chromebook, the...

Computex 2019 epilogue – it’s really all about gaming and content creation

This week, Duncan and I attended Computex 2019 in Taipei. It was Ausdroid's second time at the show - after Phil went in 2017 - but even after just a couple of days in...

Acer slides into Computex with their Predator Helios 700 transforming gaming laptop

Some laptops strive for ultimate thinness, others the lowest weight, the Predator Helios 700 cares for none of that, it has only one interest, ultimate gaming power. In the increasingly popular and competitive gaming...

Acer shows the ConceptD notebook range at Computex

Acer's ConceptD product range is aimed at creative types who need niche features that can't necessarily be found on more wide-market products. At Computex, Acer showed off the ConceptD notebook range aimed squarely at...

Acer may have just shown off a ChromeOS tablet and I WANT ONE

There's a show on called BETT at the moment, and though there's been a few interesting ChromeOS announcements. ChromeOS has pivoted from just being cheap laptops that aren't very useful, and now represents both...

Acer unveils new Chromebooks and a new Chromebox

At BETT, an education technology focused trade show running in London this week, Acer has unveiled a range of new Chrome OS devices including two new Chromebooks and a new Chromebox. The new Chromebooks...

Acer announces a new 11″ Chromebook for 2018 with fanless design and USB-C ports

Chrome OS is moving ahead nicely this CES with this time Acer announcing a brand new Chromebook coming to market this year. The new Acer Chromebook is a fanless design running 'the latest Intel Celeron...

Acer announces new laptops ahead of Computex this week

We're heading to Computex for the first time this year and as happens with other tech conferences, there's announcements and leaks galore in the lead-up. Acer has done its part, announcing two new laptops...

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