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Yesterday saw the release of the Android 4.1.2 factory images for the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus on to the Google Developers page, whilst technically you can flash the ‘takju’ build to a GSM Galaxy Nexus it is generally the build for the unlocked Galaxy Nexus sold through the devices section of the Play Store in the US. Today Google has released the ‘yakju’ image for the GSM Galaxy Nexus as well as the 4.1.2 ‘soju’ image for the i9023 Nexus S.

The other release will not really affect anyone except people like myself who forked out over $300 to import a Nexus Q, for the first time ever a 4.0.4 ‘tungsten’ factory image is now available making it extremely easy and fun to flash away with all the hacks available, whilst still secure in the knowledge that when it all goes wrong you can flash it back to stock.

Google has also released driver binaries for for the Nexus 7 and GSM unlocked Galaxy Nexus(maguro) so that NFC functionality on both devices can match the ‘enhanced NFC behavior’ of the Nexus S. Head over to the Google Developers factory image page to download your images now.

Source: Google GroupsAndroidPolice.
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Is there a Vodaphone challenge this time? How long with Nexus S users wait,…

Luke Wiwatowski

How is that Nexus Q going btw. Does it work as expected?