No one can deny that the introduction of the ASUS Nexus 7 tablet lit a fire in the “budget device” sector, and in the “sub 10″ tablet” range. But it seems that we may see more competition coming in from Samsung this year.

There are rumours that we may see a new 7-inch Android tablet in the first half of this year, and that the price point is aiming to be sub-$200 (assuming USD). There are no real details on the specs of the rumoured tablet, however. We’re all waiting for the announcements at Mobile World Congress for the 8-inch Note device, as well as the Galaxy S IV. But can we expect a third device to be announced?

We all know that Samsung make good products, but is the “budget tablet” arena one they need to enter? Goodness knows, I love me some Sammy, and if there IS a device that challenges, or even one ups the Nexus 7, I may find it coming home with me. At least we’d know it would have some great accessories fairly soon after release.

As this is totally speculative, it is difficult to put much stock into it. But what’s stopping Samsung from putting out a $200 tablet? Or is this, possibly, a pitch for the next Nexus 7 inch tablet?

What do you think? Is this an area Samsung may do well in? Or is it just more of the rumour mill spinning? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Android Spin.
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Greg Eden

MLN in Melbourne are selling the Tab 2 7″ for $199. If they can up the screen res and a slightly faster CPU then Samsung might have a Nexus 7 competitor.


I really want a high spec 7″ tablet. Happy to pay more. I find the size and weight perfect.

vijay alapati

“But is the “budget tablet” arena one they need to enter”….R u serious……nexus 10 is a good budget tablet with best display in market and its nexus…..come on….think before you post

Chris (Deputy Editor)

Vijay we take your point, but two points. First, we don’t encourage ad hominem attacks on our writers. Secondly, the Nexus 10 could hardly be described as a good budget tablet, because they’re almost impossible to buy.

The Nerd Mama

Thanks Vijay. At over $400, however, I don’t think the word “budget” applies. Regardless of being a 10″ tablet, I would not consider it a “budget” tablet, but a value for money tablet. And no, I don’t think they’re the same thing.


Another possibility is that this tablet is directed towards the iPad mini rather than the Nexus 7. With a slight upgrade to screen resolution, this tab would be in a position to challenge a “retina” iPad mini and increase the margin pressure on Apple yet again.

James Sagi

Wait, where did you pull this one from? Source? There are no renders, or screenshots, codenames or pricing lists. Sounds like you’re just making things up – at least this is the gist of the last sentence.

Chris (Deputy Editor)

Hence why it’s in the rumour file James. We heard the rumour, and decided to post on it. Time will tell if it is proven right or not.

The Nerd Mama

Hi James. As you may note at the base of the articles, when the information has been found, or sourced, somewhere on the internet, we include a link. Which I have done. Even if it comes out as nothing but a rumour, better that we put the question out there, than ignoring it altogether.

James Sagi

Yes and I followed the link, to see a carbon copy of android spin who copied digitimes who have no source. Quality journalism right there.

The Nerd Mama

Rumours have to start somewhere, right?


Hey James. Here is a thought for you. If you don’t like the good work done by Audroid, don’t read the articles. Personally, I like reading about technology that may be heading our way, or not, so keep them rumours coming.


Looking at the previous 7inch tablets from Samsung it seems unlikely. They had one decent one (the 7.7) and some awful ones (galaxy tabs). And they were all about as expensive as the iPad. Samsung can’t do small or cheap right.

Sean Royce

They could if they made touchwiz unbloated or just leave it pure android, but they want to leave it on there, so I guess we can’t do anything about it.