This week was a big week for Glass, Google’s reality-augmenting headwear project. Google released a video showing off the UI and how you interact with the device on Thursday, they have now started accepting pre-order applications from ‘creative individuals’ in the United States, and our very own Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, was given a demonstration of Glass. Given Google’s recent device push into Australia with the Nexus line, and the fact that Googlers here in Australia have access to the device, it is likely that Google will sell us Glass.

Joshua Topolsky of the Verge was fortunate enough to be able to try Glass, and his review made the heads-up-display sound incredible. Most important to note though is that this isn’t some concept device that might be released several years down the track, but Google aim to have it on the market this year, and it will cost less than the $1,500 that Google are currently charging for early access. Unlike early reports, it doesn’t seem like Glass will require an external touch unit, but rather the touch sensor has been built into the device itself and there is a greater focus on voice control and head gestures. According to Topolsky, Google have committed to releasing very frequent updates for the device. Unfortunately though, Glass will only be available in WiFi; there will not be a 3/4G-equipped version, which seems like it would hamper its usefulness.

Style-wise, Glass will come with a sunglasses attachment to help you look less nerdy while wearing it, and will be available in multiple colours. I’m still not sure how Glass would work for people who wear actual glasses, but it seems that the Glass unit can actually be detached from the frame, and that glasses frame manufacturers build the frames to support the Glass attachment.

Glass is coming, folks. I’m genuinely excited.

Do you think that Glass would be useful? Would its usefulness outweigh how nerdy you’ll look wearing it? Let us know in the comments.

Source: The Verge.
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    Abid Raza

    surely will go and grab it ..

    Marné Prinsloo

    Love the new video by Glass


    Besides Windows Surface technology (which is yet to be released to the general public) this is the “new age of technology” we’ve all been waiting for.

    Seen it in sci fi movies for years but now it’s finally a ‘reality’.

    To top this off – windows should push their surface technology to the general public.

    James Finnigan

    I think you mean PixelSense 😛 (


    Pretty cool bit of tech. For me though it’s going to be interesting to see what this does for the human race socially/morally in terms of its use and most definitely it’s misuse.

    Jamesz Zhang

    will it suffer the same fate as nexus q that audio streaming thingy


    hell, seeing as i have to wear glasses anyway, this would be awesome


    Interesting! Users will now be encouraged, obviously, to use their phone as a modem while connecting to the device. Or, buying a pocket wifi device that all carriers sell. I see Telstra pocket wifi sales going up, and data packs on the rise. Will there be new data packs announced to cater to this? Obviously using the glases in your home is redundant What is going to be REALLY interesting is actually seeing this on the market. When a new phone comes out, its in your pocket, a new laptop, in your bag and a new tablet – well stored… Read more »

    tilak abg

    I started saving money from months to get this asap

    Allan O'Rourke

    Excited and moist as hell for this.


    Genuinely excited too. I’d love to give it a go.


    and it will be always out of stock….

    Sean Royce

    Definitely not going to be made by LG

    Daniel Tyson

    Given the opportunity I’d hand over the $1500