We’ve written a lot about the HTC One – in the weeks since the phone’s official Australian launch there’s been rumours of overseas launch delays and even frank admissions by HTC staff about their component sourcing issues.

Despite the seemingly endless wait, and the looming release of a certain other flagship device, enthusiasm is still strong for the One. HTC has today announced on-contract availability across Optus, Telstra, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile, and Ausdroid will have a full Australian review coming soon.

Some carriers are already operating registration and preorder pages for the device, while others will open up theirs tomorrow (April 5). The device will become available to the public on Tuesday April 23.

You can check what the carriers have said below, or use our easy-to-browse widget for the latest live deals:

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Customers can purchase on a 2 year contract for $60/month, with a $10 per month handset repayment – total cost $1,680.

You will also be able to buy the device outright in Telstra stores for $768.

Telstra is already running a ‘HTC’ registration page, and advises that customers ordering before April 23 will receive a free set of Beats Solo headphones (RRP $199).

Update: Telstra’s pre-order page is now live!


Customers can purchase on a 2 year contract for $60/month, with a $3 per month handset repayment – total cost $1,512.

Optus will start taking pre-orders tomorrow.

Update: Optus has now put pre-order pages up for personal and business customers.


Customers can purchase on a 2 year contract for $60/month, with a $5 per month handset repayment – total cost $1,560.

Vodafone has listed the device on their site, but the pre-order button is not currently working — we expect this will work as of 9am tomorrow. The page also mentions the Beats Solo pre-order bonus.

Update: Since this post was published, News Limited’s Jen Dudley-Nicholson reported on Twitter that Vodafone has revised their monthly handset repayment down to $3, changing the total cost to $1,512.

Update (2): Vodafone’s pre-order page is now live.

Virgin Mobile

Customers can purchase on a 2 year contract for $59/month, with a $3 per month handset repayment – total cost $1,488.

Virgin Mobile’s HTC One page (currently blank) will be available from 9.30am tomorrow.

Update: Virgin Mobile’s pre-order page is now live.

Will you preorder the HTC One? Will you go on contract or buy outright? Let us know in the comments!

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I’m just trying to find a place to buy the 64gb developer edition outright. Funnily enough it’s turning out to be a lot harder than you’d expect.

Andy D

Just ordered mine from Optus. It is a bit strange how I’m paying a few bucks more for a worse plan… but meh. It’s only a marginal difference. I know plans did kind of increase in leaps and bounds for a while so I guess they went a bit too far for what their infrastructure could handle.

Still rather happy that I’ve finally got it ordered. 🙂 It’s going to be an awesome phone regardless.


I wonder if telstra will give you the bears headphones when you buy outright?

No One

All plans are suck and only 32GB

Shaun Brown

What plans. Nothing on Telstra except sign up to their advertising

Sujay Vilash

Or just buy from MobiCity for $769 and put it on a Kogan $29 plan. I purchased mine today with a delivery ETA of 22nd April. Can’t wait.


3g only though isnt it?

Daniel Tyson

HTC One – Available from Mobicity with Optus/Telstra compatible 4G Bands for $769

Sujay Vilash

Thanks for answering the question, Daniel.


Any news on the 64GB version?

Sean Royce

Surprised virgin was the cheapest actually


But it comes with the coverage (or lack of) to match

Sean Royce

It runs under Optus, I never really had problems with Virgins service, but network signal wasn’t amazing. Can’t wait to get off Optus.

James Finnigan

Wow, these plans are horrible.


Yeah plans have gotten worse in the past few months.


Current contract with Vodafail will be finished in Nov, anyone can tell me how can I get rid of Vodafail?


either ride it out, or sign up to another provider and pay an exit fee


I just asked, cited severe coverage issues and rode out 3 different “discount” offers.
Why would I want 3 months free until they fix coverage in my area, which a year later is still not fixed.

Phil Tann

Move to drOptus or Hellstra!
Hmm… the choices are all crap!


What are the outright prices from various online stores?


According to the article, $768 from Telstra. I’d imagine somewhere in that range from online stores as well – anywhere from $600+ at a guess.

Luke Monahan

UK-based stores with UK warranty only are in the $600-$650 range. Stores providing an Australian (but non-factory) warranty are pretty similar to Telstra’s price (e.g. Mobicity is $760).

Sujay Vilash

MobiCity = $769 + a delivery of $19 which sucks