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From the moment I bought my Nexus 10 I have loved the way it felt in my hands. The weight of it, the textures, but most importantly is how thin the device is. Using this device everyday though and carrying it in my bag with other items was a bit of a worry and I had to find a way to protect my investment.

This is where the fun began. My first choice was a cheap reversible neoprene sleeve. It kept my device protected while I was travelling but allowed me to use the device naked so it felt really good. This lasted for a while but eventually I got sick of pulling it in and out of the sleeve.

Next was a cheap folio case from eBay. This case was cheap, had auto wake / sleep functionality, folded into a stand and gave ample protection for my tablet, but I quickly got sick of the bulk that it added to the device.

My third choice was a MoKo Ultra Slim case which had all of the features of my previous purchase but was slim enough to be comfortable to hold. This had been a really good case but it is starting to show signs of wear and actually cracked today when I took it off.

That brings me to my newest purchase, the official Nexus 10 cover. This cover is now available from Google Play as we previously mentioned today, but I managed to find some on eBay on the weekend. In terms of protection, this case doesn’t have much to offer. There is no protection for the back of the device or even the sides, it only covers the screen. This will probably put off a lot of people but for me, I only really wanted to protect the screen while it was in my bag. The materials used seem to be top quality, with the outside of the case fitting in well with the overall design of the tablet and the inside having a nice soft feel to it that also helps to keep the screen clean. The really nice thing about this case is the way it attaches to the device. You simply remove the strip across the back of the device (The one that surrounds the camera and flash) and clip the case into its place. You will notice a slight bump on the back of the device now, but it doesn’t feel bad at all. There is a small cutout at the top of the case for both the front and rear cameras and the case actually leaves the speakers slightly exposed so that you can still hear sounds clearly, even with the case closed. This case also has the automatic wake / sleep functionality of a lot of other cases.

A couple of things that you need to be aware of though. This case does not fold up into a stand for your tablet, it is one solid piece. Having said that though it is quite easy to balance the tablet with the case open to allow you to watch videos on it, just don’t bump the table too hard or your tablet will come crashing down. The other is the price. This is the most expensive case I have bought and it has the least features and protection of the lot, but it looks and feels great.

For those of you looking for a case that provides a lot of protection and features at a cheap price, go look elsewhere. But for those of you that want to add a bit of extra protection to your screen while maintaining the sleek look and feel of the Nexus 10, this is the case for you. So go and grab it on the Play Store or take a look on eBay.

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Boss Hogg

Where can I get that wallpaper


It’s called Origami Live Wallpaper

Lots of customisation.