The latest update to the ABC Android app has added in the ability to stream ABC produced TV shows as on demand. This long awaited feature has been delivered without Adobe Flash and is hopefully a promise of further developments in the form of streaming of the ABCs full library of iView content to come.

The option is now listed on the slide out menu in the ABC app under ‘TV On Demand’ and once in the sub-menu there is a ‘pull to refresh’ gesture to refresh the list of available shows.


There are a number of shows on offer with a settings menu which allows you to only allow the shows to stream over Wi-Fi if you’re worried about excess data usage. Shows on offer only date back to June 24th and shows listed as currently available to stream are :

  • 7:30
  • At The Movies
  • Big Ideas
  • The Business
  • Media Watch
  • Q&A
  • Lateline
  • Good Game
  • Good Game SP
  • Gardening Australia
  • Compass
  • Catalyst

There are three news ‘catchup’ shows as well : News in 90 Seconds, Weather in 90 Seconds and Sport in 90 Seconds.

As an example, Good Game SP clocks in at around 28 and a half minutes and is 106.71MB to stream, alternatively Q&A clocks in at 60 minutes and is 94.37MB to download. Each episode comes with a blurb listing the content of the epiode.

Here’s hoping that the full range of ABC iView comes to the Android app very soon. Download the app for free from Google Play, it’s 3.6MB to download and available for devices running Android 2.2 and higher.



Source: Google Play.
Via: DawnstarAU.
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    Most of this stuff though can already be downloaded via Podcast apps


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    This is a terrific app. Fast, beautifully designed, a pleasure to use. Has become my “go to” app for news.


    Nice! I’m liking the new app so far.

    Steve Howard

    Thank you ABC, this a wonderful app. Great example of how to do news/media/information and streaming. Now, can you adjust for Daylight savings so my radio and streaming are the same in Queensland over summer?

    Michael Reville

    If they add full i-view then it’s looking more like a cheap Android TV stick could be the best media centre choice..


    Still no iView app. *shakes fist* but the app is much better

    Nick Bryant

    This is a terrific app. Fast, beautifully designed, a pleasure to use. Has become my “go to” app for news.