Android 4.2.2 is apparently rolling out to the single SIM version of the HTC One in HTCs home country of Taiwan as an Over The Air updated, after reports of the 4.2.2 update began circulating that the Dual-SIM HTC One was receiving the update a couple of days ago.

The 465MB update is hitting the international version of the HTC One and according to the people who’ve received the update it brings about a slew of new updates. The image below from Android Central shows the list of updates included, which address things such as the menu bar as well as adding battery perentage in the status bar, Quick Settings, a new Lock Screen style widget and more :

In terms of the updates availability to HTC One owners who purchased their device through a carrier, the update is apparently already in testing with Vodafone, while Telstra are apparently still ‘Waiting for initial vendor submission’ and Optus has not updated their updates page nor their forum with any information with regards to the HTC One.

We’ll update as soon as we see any updates from the carriers, but those of you who purchased an International unlocked version of the HTC One, your update should be here fairly soon.

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Sujay Vilash

I wonder where this leaves me. I have a M7 that is rooted but still running stock. WIll OTA come to me ? And who from as my phone was bought through MobiCity ?


The likely hood of Telstra customers finding anything relating to this update by anyone from Telstra would be like winning Lotto. Telstra have this so called remarkable testing facility with a staff of thousands of experts to access software and equipment before release to the public., the problem is it would appear going on their constant track record, nobody in that department does anything, so Telstra customers get left behind time and time again. They work on the principle of, ‘No News Is Good News’, and if we can hold back released by blaming someone else, we’ll sell another new… Read more »


I had heard of an approx 27 July date for Telstra…