Samsung Jelly Bean

According to an “insider”, Temefy is reporting that Samsung are debating whether or not two of their devices are going to get Jellybean 4.2.2 as an official update.

The devices in question? Oh, only the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II.

Fear not, however! The debate boils down to whether they should bother with 4.2.2, or simply update these devices straight to 4.3.

This rumour comes following a recent delay for the Galaxy S III moving to 4.2.2, while the Note II has been stagnant for some time with no indication of Samsung’s intentions for software updates. The current expectation is that neither device is likely to see an official update before November this year – disappointingly later than users expect, but yet to be confirmed.

Temefy’s insider told them that Samsung in fact already have a version of 4.3 that they’re working on for the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy S4. The timing may change depending on the announcement of the latest version 4.3 of Android.

There’s also some suggestion that all three of these phones are earmarked for Android 5.0, but the actual roll out to each of these devices is likely to be staggered.

Most of this seems to fit with recent rumours from SamMobile and other news sites, but – like every other rumour – only time will tell us the full story.

If you’re a Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note II owner sick of waiting for updates, there’s also always the custom ROM option.

Are you waiting for an update for your Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note II? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Temefy.
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Custom roms for Note 2 are easier said than done. Most of the non-touchwiz based ones were very very poor before I moved on to the Xperia Z.

It might sound good but you wont get 4.3. Expect for the manufacturers to wait for 4.3.x to be released before they start pushing it out. So it wont happen for a good 3-6 months minimum.

Glad I got rid of my note 2 now.


You’re user name is correct – very derp worthy. Your speculations are about as worthy as your insight, and that’s not a compliment.

I’ve tried 3 different roms for my 7105t and they are all fantastic. Currently running liquidsmooth and I routinely get 3 days off a charge – at full 4.2.2 goodness.

Very happy with my Note 2


It would make sense. Move them to 4.3 as a good place to park as their final updates. One last serious update.

Tarrant Marshall

Cyanogen mod and don’t look back.

Sean Royce

Samsung seem to really have their updates on track. If only the network carriers felt the same way.