Ookla, the company behind the popular Speedtest.net website and application, has updated their Speedtest app for Android bringing with it a new neon-inspired UI which is likely to divide users.

Speedtest.net is widely used for testing the speed and quality of your internet connection whether it be over the mobile network or Wi-Fi connection.

We’ve noticed a few quirks with the app in its current version; sharing a speedtest to Twitter will attempt to create a 600+ character tweet. Hopefully in a future update it will let you share an image of your speedtest like you can do on the desktop website.

Source: Speedtest.net (Google Play).
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    I think the old version was better… and what’s with the crazy cat pictures in the background!? (when you drag the gauge down)

    No One

    iOS has this for a year already I think.


    I can tell. The new app is just as ugly as the old one.

    No One

    I’m actually prefer the new look.


    Wish I had you speed! Bribie Island, QLD, Telstra Business Broadband 3.61Mbps / 0.7Mbps

    Bargain at $80 a month!! 🙁

    Tommy Wong

    wow that sounds terrible!!