The Dead Zebra Series 4 Android mini-figures only just went on-sale but Andrew Bell has another surprise for Android lovers this year – Christmas Ornaments.

The Red and blue ornaments which are designed to hang from your Christmas tree will be available in both blue and red with a matte metallic finish and a silver glitter snowflake design on the front. The ornaments differ from the standard Android mini-figures with the addition of an ‘ornament topper insert, and a small metal hook’.

They’re quite cute but unfortunately for international buyers, they won’t be available to make it here in time for Christmas, meaning you’ll have access to them for next year. The ornaments go on-sale Tuesday, December 10th at 11am EST and again at 11pm EST – which equates to around 8am Australian Eastern Daylight Time on Wednesday 11th of December with refills at 11pm Wednesday night. The Ornamnents will be available for US$10 each with a limit of 2 pieces in a combo of either one red & one blue or two of one color in your choice, however Dead Zebra will be offering limited quantities of a special 10-piece ‘Tree Pack’ that contains 5 red and 5 blue ornaments for US$90.

These will certainly be on the list to purchase this year and next year we may see some more colours made available, but these are a must have for any Android fan with a Christmas tree.

Anyone want to go in on a box?

Source: DeadZebra.
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    I can’t believe that I forgot about this. So gutted. Hopefully they’ll get some more in stock *crosses finders*

    If anyone did get a box and doesn’t want a blue and a red I’d be happy to buy them off you 🙂


    you know you’re a fanboy if you have these for christmas