With the financial situation still not as steady as they’d like, HTC is planning to release the upcoming M8, the latest version of thier flagship device in March with a similar design to the HTC one but with a larger screen and dual-cameras on the rear.

The information is pretty scarce, but the report from Bloomberg, which features information from a person they’ve spoken to ‘with direct knowledge of the plans’, the Taiwanese company will use an updated Qualcomm processor in their latest model, although it’s not specified as to whether that means a Snapdragon 800 or whether it will contain a Snapdragon 805.

In another less than helpful ‘leak’ the screen on the M8, will be larger than the current 4.7″ LCD found on the HTC One, but smaller than the 5.9″ screen found on the One Max – yep, lots of room to move there.

Interestingly, HTC will continue the Ultra-Pixel camera use on the M8 but with a twin sensor setup on the rear which could provide ‘better focus, depth of field and image quality’, although specifics on details like the MP rating on the sensors wasn’t mentioned. The twin sensors could provide Lytro like refocus options.

HTC has apparently declined to comment – as expected – so we’ll have to wait a little while longer for some confirmation on the specs and software features. For reference the HTC One was launched on February 20th last year, so it should be around this time that we see a new device launched.

What do you want to see in an updated HTC One?

Source: Bloomberg.
Via: The Verge.
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Just the camera and battery microSD slot would be nice. Besides that not much else needs to change. We dont really need a higher resolution screen. The current screen is perfect! Don’t need bigger speakers, nor a fingerprint scanner. I really hope is does not have a scanner!