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With rumours beginning to circulate for the 2014 flagship phone launches, a new report out of Korea, is indicating that LG is planning on switching up their release cycle on their premium G line of smartphones, aiming for a May launch.

The report from Asiae has indicated a launch is set for May 17th for the LG G3. The LG G2 was launched at an event in New York in August 2013, with sales beginning in the US in September and Australia in November, so this would be a slight ramp up in release schedules, possibly with LG trying to co-incide with other large Android releases from Samsung and HTC around the April/May time-frame.

The report also indicates that the G3 would be using a QHD screen around the 5.5ยจ size, with a resolution of 2560×1440, which would most likely be the panel that LG announced back in August last year.

LG has consistently had good results using Qualcomm processors, so it would be more than likely we would see a Qualcomm manufactured SoC included in the LG G3.

Design considerations for the LG G3 would be the use of back mounted controls that were introduced on the LG G2 and continued on the LG G Flex, which would make sense with LG’s recent announcement that they would be using their double tap to wake feature ‘KnockOn’ on key future phone releases.

The LG G2 was my personal favourite phone from last year, and considering their advances in phone design and user experience in recent models, the G3 could be a very likely candidate for phone of the year this year as well.

Source: Asiae.
Via: Droid-life.