Galaxy S5 Galaxy Gifts
Samsung is pulling out all the stops when it comes to making sure the Galaxy S5 is full of incentives to people looking to purchase a flagship smartphone, offering some bonus offers from services like the Wall Street Journal, Runkeeper, Box and Evernote as sweeteners.

The list of services is detailed on the Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Gifts micro-site and seem like a good variety of bonuses with a fitness and business heavy focus :

  • Runkeeper – 1 year free premium service ($20)
  • Skimble – 6 months free premium service ($42)
  • Wall Street Journal – Free 6 month subscription to Wall Street Journal ($160)
  • PayPal – enjoy special offers (totaling $50 or more in value) from your
    favorite stores when you pay with PayPal. Available in 25 Countries (Australia is listed)
  • EasilyDo Pro – Free app purchase ($5)
  • Cut the Rope 2 – $10 in-game credits
  • Box – Free 50 GB for 6 months and $60 value
  • Evernote – Free Premium Service for 3 months ($15)
  • Lark – 1 year premium service ($36)
  • Map My Fitness – 6 months free premium service ($36)
  • Bloomberg Businesweek + – Free Subscription: 12 Months ($30)
  • LinkedIn – Free LinkedIn Premium account for 3 months ($75)
  • Blurb – Free $5 Coupon ($5)
  • Flick Dat – Free download of $2 paid app
  • Bitcasa – Free Premium Service: 1TB storage for 3 months ($30)

This isn’t generally enough to be the deciding factor for someone tossing up between a Galaxy S5 and another phone it does add a certain extra something.

Which of these bonuses speaks to you? Is there another service you’d prefer?

Source: Samsung.
Via: Engadget.
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Really Samsung $500 free gift. I hate to sound ungrateful but I don’t use any of these gifts. I would rather Samsung offer say a cash rebate, heavily discounted accessories the list in endless. I plan to look @ S5 or Galaxy Note 3. depending on the plans available @ the time. Please Samsung Show these other phone manufactures a thing or two. Like a couple of years ago HTC offered Beat headphones as an free incentive. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Surely with everything Samsung Does they could look in their goody bag.

Walter Dominguez

I had a look at what was on my current updated and up to date S3, the mapping was a bit primitive and 3 years out of date in my area of Southern NSW, with parts of the Hume FWY missing and street names missing or in correct, such as most of Spring Park Estate missing in Thurgoona NSW 2640 (Thurgoona is NOT CALLED ETTAMOGA) with (Bowna/Sydney Rd, correction is called Tabletop Rd) and around Albury NSW 2640. Also the Hume FWY bypass around Holbrook NSW is missing all together. I thought Tomtom was a bit ordinary, but what I… Read more »

Lucas Buchanan

just more bloatware. already pre-ordered my sony z2

Walter Dominguez

A good app would be a complete Google map of your country on board that doesn’t require a cell signal or a fully functioning GPS like you get in Tomtom, Garman, Navman or Uniden for 12 months.


Here in Australia, all flagship Galaxy phones, from the original Galaxy S GT-i9000 to the Galaxy Note III, get a free copy of Garmins Navigon, valued at $49.95

You can almost guarantee the Galaxy S5 will get it too.

Navigon it’s an amazing GPS application and I can’t fault their support staff, very helpful people.

Also Navigon supports the HUD windscreen module by Garmin. Amazing stuff.


So Samsung is giving customers incentives to use the cloud services of Google’s competitors. Interesting.

Joshua Hill

If Samsung wants to get peoples attention the free goodies should be physical accessories. How about a sview phone case, wireless charging pad, e.t.c.


None of the S5 paybie drugware gets me interested.

To make any real use of the bloat, it’s not actually free, you’ll wind up paying, so the term paybie is more accurate. Pay to use a trial freebie.
Drugware is like illegal drugs. The first hit is free, just to get you hooked, then you have to pay to keep going.


its just more software installed on


These free so called free gifts won’t affect any purchasing decision. They are not really gifts. Some of these services aren’t being used anyway, it’s more like Samsung giving you freebies to introduce you to these services and hope that you will continue to use them once the free subscription ends. And then they will make more money out of you.


Are you sure about that? The 6-month WSJ subscription in particular is quite appealing to me.

Sean Royce

I don’t know how Samsung can offer these rewards, wouldn’t they make a loss?

Marty Davey

Could just be getting people into the “Samsung” ecosystem and they feel they need to purchase future Samsung devices. Much like Apple lol.. That’s why I don’t really like Samsung anymore.. Nexus for me all the way.

Sean Royce

Sony for me next.


Are these the same “gifts” that will come with the Chromebook 2?