PayPal has added a new feature to their mobile payments app – ‘Pay At Table’, a service which PayPal hopes will keep them ahead in the lucrative mobile payments industry.

The new Pay at Table, feature allows PayPal users to check into a restaurant on their mobile, then the restaurant can generate a specific code number for them after entering in their table number and then pay their bill right from the app. It also allows users to add an additional tip (you can tell PayPal is an American Company can’t you?) on top.

The announcement of this new feature comes as new Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) standards are set to be introduced later this year in August. Under this new industry standard Credit companies, primarily Visa and MasterCard will move away from signature based payments to more secure PIN code based tractions at the cash register, limiting the amount of potential credit card fraud that occurs.

Andrew Rechtman, senior director of SMB, retail and strategy at PayPal Australia has stated that “Not only are customers going to have to adapt to the new standards but restaurants and cafes will need to look for solutions at the checkout that are going to simplify what is destined to be a complicated payment process for both merchants and customers”.

He continues to say that “The Pay at Table feature delivers a tailored solution that gives restaurants and cafes direct access to over 5.5 million account holders using the PayPal digital wallet online, on the go and inshore,”.

It’s an interesting feature which will definitely put more control into the hands of consumers when dining out without having the hassle of trying to work out how much to pay and when to exactly make their payments when dining out.

Would you consider using this new feature on the PayPal App? Do you think it is a smart move?

Source: Inside Retail.