A good experience on a smartphone doesn’t have to be expensive, and in many cases it can be very good. The Nexus 5, OnePlus One, and Moto G are some examples of this, they are extremely good phones at a mid-range price.  

But what about low-end prices?  

Well, that’s where Motorola has slotted in the Moto E, a good phone for it’s price and the ‘killer of flip phones’. Recently, a video showing the Moto E vs the SGS5 ($200 AU vs $700 AU) has proved Motorola a true speed demon.

The camera, screen and almost all parts of the galaxy S5 are better than the humble Moto E…apart from the software.  The Moto E runs close to stock software, running Android 4.4.2 KitKat with a minimal skin, whereas the Galaxy S5 runs the same version of Android, but with a heavily bloated Touchwiz on top.

Amazingly, the stock software running on the Moto E with a Snapdragon 200 dualcore @1.2GHz wins out over the ‘superior’ smartphone’.

The Moto E’s smoothness speaks for itself, and for stock Android. Stock Android is a huge advantage, and skins that are supposed to improve, obviously don’t, but slow it down. Maybe this is why Google forced Samsung to get closer to Android. Can the spec wars finish now, and can the software war begin?

Source: Phandroid.
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Brad Hook

If Samsung engineers can’t make their own skin run smoothly, why do they bother at all? Surely they can’t care about their consumers that little? I mean, I understand that they need their TouchWiz to stay relevant in the market, but if it’s not running properly – delay the devices! User experience is everything when buying a device. Doesn’t matter what hardware it runs, if the software is bad – the device is bad. Glad I jumped ship from Samsung after Galaxy S (1), II, III and 4. I’ve owned the Nexus 4 and now the 5 – both of… Read more »

geoff fieldew

And that is why I sold my Galaxy S5 after only a couple of weeks use.


the video start at 2:50


Loving my One M8 so much right now. Did my own comparisons and thankfully I don’t experience any of this UI lagginess


Yeah, I moved from a few years of Samsung devices to the M8, and was kind of shocked at the difference. While my GS4 still felt very smooth and fluid, it was absolutely nothing like the sheer ‘snapiness’ of the M8.


There are no losers, only people who are yet to discover HTC.


No Matt.
Even HTC users are still losers.
This is because they are STILL not using pure, fast, not manufacturer bloated, Android.


Oh put a sock in it, no one cares. People buy what they want, they’re not losers for choosing the product that’s right for them.

Posting nothing but negativity and displaying your misery on this site makes YOU the loser.


Jeni would know because her Aldi tablet runs pure, fast, not manufacturer bloated, Android. This is why Jeni is a winner. Her tablet is the best.


I own a nexus. HTC one is still better. The boat they added is actually functional, they’ve added a backup system that actually backs up everything, it’s a simple swipe gesture to unlock the device, no longer have to press the missplaced power button on top. Yes it has its cons but the pros far outweigh it.

Stacey White

It is actually an interesting review but I feel more independent reviews should be called on this from more neutral reviewers.


This is actually pretty funny