Project Loon - Australia
Google’s Project Loon is one of their Moonshot projects from the Google X labs, which began in 2011 and was finally made public last year. It’s an effort by Google to bring internet access to the world by means of helium filled balloons floating in the stratosphere that will beam internet to people in rural and remote areas where building infrastructure is difficult or impossible – it’s all about the next 5 billion users.

The project is quite cool and as you can see above it’s actually floating over Australia at the moment. The balloon can be tracked over on Flight Radar and you’ll see it has made a track across NSW and is currently floating above our northern residents in QLD. There’s no word at the moment of any partnerships in Australia with local carriers but it’s cool nonetheless.

If you’re interested in learning more about Project Loon you can read all about it over on the projects website, or watch the introductory video :

Source: FlightRadar.