LG G3 / 32GB / 3GB RAM / Australia LTE / Unlocked - Metal Black

LG G3 / 32GB / 3GB RAM / Australia LTE / Unlocked - Metal Black

This morning a lucky customer who pre-ordered an LG G3 from Optus received a notification that an LG G3 was awaiting collection at their local post office.


This is a little ahead of the official date for stock to arrive in-store which is expected around the 4th of August.

It’s good to see that those that pre-ordered may receive their new phones before they officially go on sale in retail stores.

You can still pre-order the LG G3 from the Optus website and receive a bonus wireless charger valued at $69 but you won’t receive the bonus LG G Pad 8.3 tablet that was originally offered, unfortunately they have sold out.

We have an LG G3 in our hands and should have a review up fairly soon. If you’re still undecided, we did have a hands-on look at the phone when it first launched.

Anyone else out there receive a notification that their LG G3 is on the way, ready for collection, or have you already picked your up?

Source: Optus LG G3 Pre-Order.
Via: Jamie.
Thanks: Ausdroid Fan.
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Got mine a couple of days ago from Optus. I thought it was a little early. Have to say I am really loving it so far.


This thing lags, I’m going back to my nexus 5!

Jamie Saltmarsh

Hey Dingo, just out of interest, try GEL as my LG G 2 Pro seems to have less using it compared to LG Home.


Whats is GEL? I have already changed dalvik to ART and turned temp control from ‘on’ to ‘off’. My nexus 5 still buttery and smoooth + I have international version with 3GB ram idle uses 1.5GB compared with nexus 5 780mb ram. Pretty disappointed. Atleast the camera is worth using….


GEL was the Google Experience Launcher, it was the original release of the Google Now Launcher for certain KitKat devices.
It’s now available to all Android devices running JellyBean 4.1 or higher.

Jamie Saltmarsh

Hey Dingo, sorry I meant Google Now Launcher. Just a tip, Chromecast cast screen doesn’t work with ART. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.launcher