Note Edge
The curved edge display of the Galaxy Note Edge, was one of the surprise and most interesting announcements from IFA last night. Samsung Australia has already confirmed that the Note Edge will launch here in Australia later this year, and a new leak shows that it will most likely head to all three major Australian carriers.

SamMobile has obtained, and released a list of Galaxy Note Edge model numbers, which Samsung are testing. The list includes the model #, as well as the carrier that device could eventually be destined for. The list includes a model for all three of our national carriers – Telstra, Optus and Vodafone – as well as what appears to be a generic outright model.

  • SM-N915G – TEL – Australia (Telstra)
  • SM-N915G – OPS – Australia (Optus)
  • SM-N915G – XSA – Australia
  • SM-N915G – VAU – Australia (Vodafone)

While Samsung may be testing the models, there’s no certainty that all three will actually carry the phone on their range. We’ve approached all three Australian carriers for comment, we’ll let you know their response as soon as possible.

Which carrier will you get a Galaxy Note Edge on?

Source: Sammobile.
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Been told by Telstra. Note edge is coming on Oct

Lathen Loibl

64gb edge on optus


I really do hope the edge is coming to Australia. My family and I which is the 5 of us are all ecxited for this phone.

James Z

according to various reports it says note 4 should launch sometime around October in australia this year and then note edge is supposedly launching end of year as a premium device for selected market only as for which country i think they said they gonna announce it closer to launch my fingers are crossed hopefully australia gets the note edge


note 4 and notre edge come out the same day, 29th oct but note 4 is $950 edge is $1250

Daniel Tyson

Actually – no. The Note Edge is launching on November 5th – your pricing is also off by $1 ;). We’ve got all the details over here


Any news as to when we might see the Note 4?


also which chipset model?

James Z

i think as to chipset if u have a look all previous note or galaxy phones australia carries are the snapdragon version so im pretty certain the ones we get here in australia are the snap 805 note 4 and note edge


yeah thats what i assumed. I sorta hoped the Exynos Little.Big chips would show up here. I can live with Snapdragon though. it’s “good enough”

James Z

2 be honest i be very suprised if all carrier decides to bring both version to australia


The little big chips are 3g it doesn’t have the LTE network stuff not sure why.

The S3 had the exact same problem which is why many networks didn’t bother with the 3g one and went with the LTE version