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Bauhn Tablet and Phone
Aldi is at it again, this time launching a new Bauhn branded tablet and phone as one of their Special Buys, and are due to go on-sale on Saturday the 1st of November. Aldi is saying they’re the ‘Best’ tablet and smartphone yet.

The new Smartphone has got some fairly decent specs, including a 5″ screen and an un-named ‘Quad-Core’ processor with 2GB RAM, 32GB storage and a microSD card slot. The key feature for the smartphone is the Back Touch Sensor, which allows you to ‘Take photos, control music, or browse images conveniently with an extra sensor’. At $279 it’s a big ask with phones like the Moto G on the market, which are providing on-time OTA updates.

The Tablet is fairly run of the mill, offering a 10″ screen, 1.4GHz A9 Quad-core processor and 32GB of storage with a microSD card slot. There’s a mini HDMI port on the tablet to allow you to put your videos and screen out to a TV screen. The tablet will sell for $249.

Baun 5″ Phone (AHD5-114) Bauhn 10.1″ Tablet (AT101-014)
5″ 720 x 1280 resolution display 10.1″ IPS HD Screen 1280 x 800
Quad-Core Processor 1.4GHz A9 Quad-Core Processor
32GB on-board Storage with microSD card slot
Rear 8 MP Auto Focus Camera, Front 2.0 MP Rear 5MP Auto Focus Camera, Front 0.3MP
Wi-FI 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth, GPS & A-GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
2G: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
3G:850 / 900 / 2100 MHz
MicroUSB Mini-HDMI Out + microUSB
Android OS 4.4
1,800mAh Battery 6000mAh Battery

Aldi are offering accessories for both the phone and tablet. The tablet getting a Bluetooth Keyboard folio for $24.99, while the phone case is a leather ‘wallet’ style case with a flip cover, the case is available in Black or Brown for $14.99.

The phone and the tablet come with a 1 Year Warranty, and are covered by the Aldi 60-Day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re interested in either the tablet or the phone, they go on-sale on Saturday the 1st of November at your local Aldi store.

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    guys – You must be joking – ONLY 1GB for applications on the AT101-014 ????
    Absolutely Pointless….. the 1GB is full already, CANT move applications to
    the 32GB NAND, so that 32GB is useless as well. How can Professional developers
    make such basic mistakes with Android devices?


    I bought the phone — was quite happy with it until I discovered that of the 32GB storage, you are limited to only install 1GB worth of apps. This is a TINY amount for any phone, let alone a 32GB phone. I only got half way through installing all my apps from my old phone (a 16GB Galaxy S2) before it said “insufficient space”.

    KerrieAnne Christian

    So is the phone storage only 1GB of RAM – even though it is advertised as having 2GB of RAM ? Sounds like the tablet that I have just returned ?

    Daniel Tyson

    No, it’s got 32GB of storage, but the ROM has limited app installs to only a 1GB partition it seems.


    Why would they do that?

    KerrieAnne Christian

    It’s got me beat ??


    If you look around the xda forums for “mtk partiton”, you could (possibly) repartition the internal memory to extend this 1GB reserved for of app data. I was able to do this nicely with a previous Bauhn phone, which was cool 🙂

    KerrieAnne Christian

    I bought the tablet this afternoon – when I went to Settings and click on Storage it is showing that it only has 1GB of Ram (actually 0.98GB) not the 2GB on the box and as advertised – and the case they gave me is for an iPad not for the Aldi tablet which is slightly longer


    I bought this as a temp phone while my Nexus 5 is repaired… Using the app CPU-Z I can confirm it has 1977MB of RAM and 32GB of Storage, however for some insane reason Bauhn decided that the space for the ROM and Apps should only be 1GB, ~700 of which is used by the Android itself leaving only a couple of hundred MB free for Apps, after installing ~15 apps the phone is already complaining about low storage space. I was able to free some space by moving the downloaded apps to an SD card and disabling/uninstalling updates/clearing the… Read more »


    Wonder if it will be like their previous handset where the second sim slot can only be used in 2G..

    geoff fieldew

    1800mAh battery & a 5in HD display. That’s optimism at it’s finest.

    Iain Simmons

    At least they have the right idea with 32GB of internal storage!


    Good in theory, bad in practice, the internel storage for apps is only good for 15-20 apps, see my responce to KerrieAnne Christian for more info.

    Daniel Narbett

    What’s the price for the tablet?

    Daniel Tyson

    Apologies, I was on my Chromebook with a dodgy connection and it kept reverting to earlier posts – I’ve amended it: $249.

    Daniel Narbett

    Magic, thanks.

    The sound has died on my iPad and I’ve noticed that the only things I do on tablet is video and web (Note 2 handles everything else) so an uber cheap Android tablet might just do


    It’s not criminally bad specs. That’s a big step forward for Aldi.
    720p. 2GB RAM. 32GB storage.


    Not even 4G compat…

    Phill Edwards

    No Bluetooth on the phone? If that’s the case it’s a major omission, no matter how cheap it is.


    Well, it doesn’t say it has it in the spec list on the Bauhn site, so I`m assuming they went with the safe option and chose not to include it in the list of specs above.
    Meh, I’d rather buy a Moto G


    sigh. “Awaiting Moderation” because I included a link. It has Bluetooth. If you go look at the Source, and look at the images, they point out the Bluetooth icon on the screen.

    Daniel Tyson

    Correct – I had actually included it but I was on my Chromebook with a dodgy connection and it kept reverting to earlier posts – I’ve amended it now.


    The key question is, will Jeni buy it.


    Doesn’t look like this 10.1in tablet can be used as a phone.